I’ve been fixed Too many times to count My wounds stitched Both inside and out The broken bones And broken heart All have their own Unique scar Some will fade From sight and mind But those that stay Serve to remind That while I suffered I am still alive I am still here And I […]

It’s alright if you cry Sometimes that’s what you need And don’t cover up your scars It’s okay if you bleed   There’s no shame in falling If you get back to your feet There’s no such thing as failing If you have the will to succeed   The sweetest fruit still grows In a […]

I’m under no illusion I suffer no delusion Life’s no fucking cakewalk at the best of times But I will not surrender I know it will get better No matter how tall the mountains I must climb   And though the path grows steeper The shit I wade through ever deeper I keep hoping the […]

I’m not here to entertain Nor am I intentionally profane To make you laugh is not my aim Cracking jokes is not my game But if I happen to raise a smile Then I’d say it was worth my while Sometimes I joke, at times I jest But provocation’s what I do best I want […]

I used to be a racist Borderline supremecist I never acted on my views But I had them nonetheless I thought ’cause I was white I was better than the rest People told me it’s right To put others down If their skin wasn’t light If they were black or brown   And then I […]

Dancing to a beat That no-one else knows Waltzing down the streets Where no-one else goes You don’t even try To fit in or belong You just boogie on by Singing along to your own song   Did you know my debut book is available on Amazon? You can check it out >>here<< for the […]

A stranger walks among you Invisible yet in plain view Watching your every move Learning your secrets Your deepest regrets Hunting, stalking Preying on your memories You tell him all in confidence But his smiled assurances Are empty promises You think he’s friend But he’s really foe Wearing the face of a man you thought […]

People ask me “What is poetry?” And honestly It’s a mystery It doesn’t need rhythm It doesn’t need rhyme And it doesn’t need structure Most of the time It’s like a colour or a feeling It can’t be explained But you know it when it’s there   Did you know I have a book out? […]

I read the words that I once wrote The way I used to think A snapshot of a younger me Immortalized in ink   It’s so long since I wrote it Yellowed paper, faded lines The handwriting is different But the words I know are mine   And for a moment I travel back I […]