Let me sleep I don’t want to know I don’t want to feel What you’re doing to me So let me sleep Bring me comfort In oblivion Totally oblivious to you And what you’re doing to me Wake me up when it’s over And I can be set free But for now Let me sleep […]

What a shambles Everything in disarray You took a gamble But it didn’t work out the way That you envisaged You pinned your hopes On a losing horse Now destined for The knacker’s yard Oh, what a mess How did it come to this? It’s time to reassess Find a way out of this crisis […]

I sit atop a lonely mountain Watching others play Perhaps I’ll get to join them Someday…   I’ll climb the trees Scrape my knees And if I feel brave Boldly march Into the dark Of some old spooky cave   I’ll roam the hills Explore the wilds I will venture far and wide I won’t […]

Some might call me barmy But I don’t like it balmy I’d much sooner be too cold than warm I was born in the winter When the weather’s icy bitter And there’s barely any calm between each storm   Walking in the snow Is tiring and slow But even the shortest distance feels like an […]

It feels like my world is circling a dead star No sun, just an endless black night With only the echo of the sound of silence It is in bleak┬átimes like these It’s so hard to find the colour All I want is to say goodnight Run away from this planet hell And watch it […]

Your opinions and mine Are not always aligned As we all should come to expect Yet too often I find My views being maligned Whilst I show you only respect   You call me a friend But you will not extend The most basic courtesy Instead you condescend Or try to contend Any matter on […]

Spend my weekdays wishing for the weekend But not because I’m going out and drinking with my friends I’m not excited for my lie-in or a two-day Netflix binge No I’m desperate for the hit on which my sanity is hinged I can barely last three days before I’m jonesing like a addict So God […]

Instead of starting something That I will never finish I finished something I have not even started Or am I in the middle Of a story with no end And that has not yet begun Writing with no aim With no purpose Is freeing I will admit But the confusion Is certainly more pronounced   […]

The lights are all off And the curtains are drawn I won’t answer the door To anyone   I don’t want to be bothered By Trick-Or-Treaters Dressed as monsters Or mythical creatures   I’m not handing out chocolate To adults or kids Or teenagers trying To make a few quid   I’ve no jack-o’-lantern Nor […]

Do mirrors ever lie? Is it possible for them to trick the eye? Show an untrue reflection A false illustration Of the one who is looking Trying to catch a glimpse Of themselves?   Should we trust implicitly The person that we see? Or should we question The manifestation Staring back at us? Treat it […]