I love exploring pubic places There’s always something new to experience Different sights and smells Often influenced by cultures Some are old and steeped in history Others young and vibrant Some well visited Others hidden treasures Enjoyed only by a fortunate few And while some are well looked after There as just as many Left […]

I envy those With the talent and the knack To write stories And see them through To the end I try To swim those waters But I tend just to paddle In the shallows Testing the waters Getting no deeper than my ankles Before heading back to shore And on the rare occasion I make […]

I see you Laying there Upon your back Bare My mouth waters At the sight Of your body Waiting for me To taste you   My eyes move up Your legs to your thighs – How I long To grasp them tight As I feast upon you – To your breasts So plump So tender […]

If you need me You can find me In the Graveyard of Broken Dreams Where all my¬†sorrows Lost tomorrows And wasted chances Come to rest And find eternal Peace at last And sing a lullaby Of silent screams In this the Graveyard of Broken Dreams   Inspired by my composition of the same name

I make sure to leave my sanity Safe inside my sanctuary Otherwise I know that I Will lose it in reality So I save myself the worry Storing it under lock and key Safe inside my sanctuary   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: sanctuary

Stars Are But drops Of silver Tears Shed By the moon To mourn The passing Of the day Until The sun returns Its velvet glow Bringing warmth And comfort And driving All sorrow Away   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: velvet I wanted to write an intentionally awful poem. How did […]

There are days When poetry flows As though my mother tongue And I write With such fluency And then there are days When it’s like a foreign language And I can’t for the life of me Form even one coherent verse   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: foreign

My muse, my inspiration Is a restless soul Always on the move So nimble, so fast Never in the place I saw it last I spend so long trying to find it That by the time I do the moment’s past   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: vagabond

If I had to describe My writing technique I’d say it’s more akin To noodling As a musician would Absentmindedly plucking At the strings of my mind Never really knowing The notes that I play   noodle verb ‘improvise or play casually on a musical instrument’   Little update It was a long and, by […]

When I’m not writing I’m thinking About what I should write   And when I’m not thinking About what I should write I’m thinking About other things Or even just thinking About thinking   And when I’m not thinking That tends to be when I write For when my brain stops That is when the […]