Remember That whichever way you turn There is always an entire world ahead of you Unless you’re looking up In which case A whole universe awaits   From my poetry collection, Day by Day Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: universe

I listen out For the words In the hope That my muses Have something to say But I can’t Hear them Over the silence That rings In my ears   In response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: quiet

I don’t sleep Instead I take a nightly pilgrimage Outside the walls Of my conscious mind And explore The plains of madness Beyond   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: nightly

It was a match made in Heaven But forged in the fires of Hell A love so perfect Never would it fail But a passion so fierce Its flames would consume All that it touches Without prejudice Without mercy Including the two Whose love it was Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: […]

I have been advised That to sell more books I need to get more engagements On social media   But Whenever I send Marriage proposals Over Facebook Twitter And Instagram I just end up Getting blocked   Online marketing is hard Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: propose

I Shy Away From the sun Because the me People see In the harsh light of day Is no more Than a distorted view Of reality Like a prism I split the light Refracting But reflecting Only the colours That this world And its people Choose to see Because no-one Wants to see Another’s full […]

I love exploring pubic places There’s always something new to experience Different sights and smells Often influenced by cultures Some are old and steeped in history Others young and vibrant Some well visited Others hidden treasures Enjoyed only by a fortunate few And while some are well looked after There as just as many Left […]

I envy those With the talent and the knack To write stories And see them through To the end I try To swim those waters But I tend just to paddle In the shallows Testing the waters Getting no deeper than my ankles Before heading back to shore And on the rare occasion I make […]