Wishing On A Fading Star

Hope Feels so naive As though I'm wishing On a fading star   But I believe Because I must To keep the demons And their screaming Far away   My only want Is me and you To have chance Again, some day   If they hurry Perhaps my dreams Might reach the star Before it [...]

The Fortune Teller

One day at the Carnival I peeked inside the Fortune Teller's stall She sat head bowed Dressed in rags Hands resting on her crystal ball   Her whispered voice Cut through the haze And background noise   "Every future is known to me, Love,┬ádeath, your destiny. For just one dollar you too can see What [...]

The Creative Process

I picture The creative process In many ways   Sometimes It is akin To sitting in a cave Alone Waiting For some weary traveler To shamble in Take shelter by my fire Sate their hunger And tell me a tale Or two   Sometimes It is more like A gallery Its walls covered In abstract [...]


Remember That whichever way you turn There is always an entire world ahead of you Unless you're looking up In which case A whole universe awaits   From my poetry collection, Day by Day Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: universe

Perfect Match

It was a match made in Heaven But forged in the fires of Hell A love so perfect Never would it fail But a passion so fierce Its flames would consume All that it touches Without prejudice Without mercy Including the two Whose love it was Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: [...]

Tears Of Silver

Stars Are But drops Of silver Tears Shed By the moon To mourn The passing Of the day Until The sun returns Its velvet glow Bringing warmth And comfort And driving All sorrow Away   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: velvet I wanted to write an intentionally awful poem. How did [...]

My Muse

My muse, my inspiration Is a restless soul Always on the move So nimble, so fast Never in the place I saw it last I spend so long trying to find it That by the time I do the moment's past   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: vagabond

When I’m Not Writing

When I'm not writing I'm thinking About what I should write   And when I'm not thinking About what I should write I'm thinking About other things Or even just thinking About thinking   And when I'm not thinking That tends to be when I write For when my brain stops That is when the [...]