Writing In Bars

Writing in bars Is overrated I'm gonna leave it to the rock stars Before I end up wasted In the gutter With a broken guitar I let the verse flow free Not cage it up like a tiger Confined by the bars I'm gonna leave that to the rock stars   Someone I follow on [...]


I sit atop a lonely mountain Watching others play Perhaps I'll get to join them Someday...   I'll climb the trees Scrape my knees And if I feel brave Boldly march Into the dark Of some old spooky cave   I'll roam the hills Explore the wilds I will venture far and wide I won't [...]

Do Mirrors Lie?

Do mirrors ever lie? Is it possible for them to trick the eye? Show an untrue reflection A false illustration Of the one who is looking Trying to catch a glimpse Of themselves?   Should we trust implicitly The person that we see? Or should we question The manifestation Staring back at us? Treat it [...]


Tell me What do you see Your prophecy Of what will be What does the future Have in store Around the corner Behind the door Which once opened Cannot be closed Please tell me What I should choose As my next move Now you mean to tell me That you can't see What lies in [...]

Calling Me Home

The mountains Are calling me home I hear their song in my heart Whispering Urging me To return I taste the waters Of the fjords Crisp and clear On my tongue I feel the vines Of the forests below Snaking around me Tightening around me Dragging me back The clouds descend From the summits Cloaking [...]


Don't talk to me of rectitude Such a construct can't exist Who's to say what's in the rules; How our lives should all be lived?   It's our personal decision What's wrong and what is right No stonewall indiscretion It's not written in black and white   It's not for you to judge me Force [...]


I have become one of them Sitting alone in my room Scrolling through social media feeds Reading poetry and prose Admiring pretty pictures Laughing at terrible puns Catching up on gossip and news But never liking nor commenting It feels almost as though I am stood Rather awkwardly On the edge of a conversation Listening [...]


"It seemed like a good idea at the time" Is a phrase I uttered all too often in my youth Trying to justify my stupid actions Like jumping off a three-storey car-park roof Or giving a teacher a ton of abuse Nearly resulting in me being thrown at of school And contrary to several witnesses' [...]