Drifting further away With every passing day Writing no longer my only release I’ve another means now of finding peace No more do I feel that urge to create Because it just doesn’t offer the same escape All I tend to do now is regurgitate I’ve exhausted all topics and drained the well And I’ve […]

All I hear right now Constant pandemonium As those damn voices fight For control of the podium Command of the microphone Why can’t they find a peaceful way? I wish I could get them to unite Instead of the constant arguing They could work together And put things right Allow me to focus Then maybe […]

Bad memories Rear their heads Reminding me Of faces long forgotten Why have they returned? To haunt me? Taunt me? Or is it just chance? I left them far behind me In a past life Out of sight I thought it was over That the dust had settled And covered my tracks But here they […]

No longer will I Allow myself to be drawn into Petty online arguments Based on personal opinions Or my take on the world Bait me all you like You won’t succeed If I don’t feel the need To clarify My views or beliefs Or immediate reactions To certain situations I won’t satisfy Your craving for […]

“Ignorance is bliss” Perhaps for you it is But those of us in the know Have to suffer you Believing that you know it all When in truth you know nothing at all And no matter the evidence That you are presented with You dismiss it all as hearsay Label it all as heresy   […]

You gave that man power He’s too weak to control He’s let in consume him And take over his soul   It’s poisoned his mind Corrupted his heart No, wait… He was like that from the start   He’s selfish and arrogant Totally repugnant He’s a sexist, a racist A blatant white supremacist   He doesn’t […]

If this were a boxing match It would’ve been stopped long ago Every time I stand back up Life lands another blow   Bantam versus heavyweight I never stood a chance Every hook and uppercut Hits me like an avalanche   I try to keep my guard up Sometimes I land a jab or two […]

She took my heart Cold to the touch As still and hard as stone And she held it Palms wrapped around it Holding it to her chest Warming it Thawing it The beat of her own Bringing mine back to life Yet also shaping it Moulding it So intricate in its design That no matter […]

The best things in life Often happen by chance Whether by accident Or contrary to best laid plans   Penicillin, the microwave Play-Doh, superglue and LSD Pacemakers, post-it notes And, according to my parents, even me   So make plans if you need For holidays or wedding speeches But don’t miss the lesson That these […]