“You don’t seem depressed…” I still hear that From more than a few people I ask them “Why? Because you’ve never seen me cry? Because there’s no scars on my wrists? I’m not the way the movies depict? I don’t walk around with a doleful look, Like I’m permanently down on my luck?” And all […]

Sing your hymns Say your prayers Give thanks and praise To your God Ask for blessings Beg forgiveness For your sins Call for peace An end to hunger Pray for the homeless And the sick Ask your Lord To have mercy On our souls For that is what You think your faith’s about   But […]

Camaraderie Is not a commodity To be bought or sold Or taken for granted It isn’t something You just find on the street Traded with just anyone you meet It should never be demanded Nor always expected It must built over time Through shared experiences Requiring trust Mutual understanding and support And when found It […]

It feels like my world is circling a dead star No sun, just an endless black night With only the echo of the sound of silence It is in bleak times like these It’s so hard to find the colour All I want is to say goodnight Run away from this planet hell And watch it […]

Disobey the demons That demand you stay In the cell That they fashioned from yourself   Do not listen to the voices That try to keep you shackled Within your shell   They’ll try to keep you silent Use dirty tricks To make you compliant Make you think They’re all you have When in reality […]

You were looking to escape To freedom or Oblivion We may never know the truth Of what it was you wanted But now you know That those you tried to leave behind Will never let you go If we feel the choice is not your own But is forced on you By a force unseen […]

It scares me to see this nation so divided At a time when we need to be united Once tiny cracks have grown to gaping chasms With people burning bridges and splitting into factions I fear the damage may never be undone I’m terrified, for the worst is still to come Not because of what […]

Your opinions and mine Are not always aligned As we all should come to expect Yet too often I find My views being maligned Whilst I show you only respect   You call me a friend But you will not extend The most basic courtesy Instead you condescend Or try to contend Any matter on […]

I am a mirror Held up to society Allowing it to see its true face The anger I show Is only a reflection of what I see The hate I feel Is no more than a reflection Of what has been shown to me   Inspired by this photo: Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash Alex Iby

Standing on the platform Waiting for a train To take me far away from The endless pain   There’s people all around me Yet here I stand alone Ready for my final journey From which I’m never coming home   A note sits by my bedside Waiting to be read Everything I tried to hide […]