She needed no blade Seduction was her weapon of choice Luring her prey Drawing them near With her sultry looks and velvet voice Keener than any sword And truer than any bow And then she’d pounce Lips laced with poison Venom red One kiss was all it’d take And like that they were hers Slaves […]

If my life were a movie You wouldn’t need an actor To play me; The writers would surely cut my character Before the film ever saw the light of day And I’d be just another discard With all life’s other rejects on the cutting room floor

Writing in bars Is overrated I’m gonna leave it to the rock stars Before I end up wasted In the gutter With a broken guitar I let the verse flow free Not cage it up like a tiger Confined by the bars I’m gonna leave that to the rock stars   Someone I follow on […]

I don’t want to be looked at Over the tops of glasses To the sound of a pen Scratching frantically on the pages Of a notebook My words analysed and scrutinised But the way that I say them All but ignored   I want to be listened to Not just the words that I speak […]

Playing this game For what feels like forever But whatever I do I can’t beat this level   Stuck doing this quest For far too long I can’t seem to progress What am I doing wrong?   I need to unlock skills To start the next chapter But the only way to learn them Comes […]

Ordered words Moulded Around a silent Tune And written In Stunted sentences With line Breaks at the Most random times Killing all rhythm And making It Nearly Impossible to read This Is the one kind Of poetry I hate

“I used to long for death.” Violet rested her head on my shoulder. “And now?” My arm around her shoulders tightened. The wind picked up, leaves blowing around the bench on which we sat. “Honestly, Mark” she pulled herself closer into my embrace. “It’s not how I imagined it.” There was a sadness and resignation […]

Love Should never be a burden A choking collar round your neck A crippling weight upon your shoulders Tripping you with every step It should be what gives you strength Keeps you always pressing on Whatever is in your way And makes you believe That anything is possible

It was his penance They said Punishment for the sins he had committed In a past life He had been judged upon death By the Gods themselves His foul deeds Deemed so despicable To be punished just once Could never be enough His soul, instead, They said, Was ripped in two One half tossed mercilessly […]