I make sure to leave my sanity Safe inside my sanctuary Otherwise I know that I Will lose it in reality So I save myself the worry Storing it under lock and key Safe inside my sanctuary   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: sanctuary

Stars Are But drops Of silver Tears Shed By the moon To mourn The passing Of the day Until The sun returns Its velvet glow Bringing warmth And comfort And driving All sorrow Away   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: velvet I wanted to write an intentionally awful poem. How did […]

Fog Descends Blinding Deafening Yet comforting In its silence Suffocating But keeping me safe From the toxic atmosphere Of the world around me   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: fog

There are days When poetry flows As though my mother tongue And I write With such fluency And then there are days When it’s like a foreign language And I can’t for the life of me Form even one coherent verse   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: foreign

Satire is dead Just look at the world; World leaders nothing But caricatures of themselves While society’s become A parody of the people Who somehow remain So blissfully unaware Of the self mockery No joke can do true justice To the incredible reality Now that satire is dead   In response to the Word of […]

My muse, my inspiration Is a restless soul Always on the move So nimble, so fast Never in the place I saw it last I spend so long trying to find it That by the time I do the moment’s past   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: vagabond

I locked away the secrets of my heart Hid the truths I dared not share So deep within my mind That even when I fell apart The real me I could not find My own denial the perfect keeper Of the secrets I hoped to forget The truths I tried to fashion into lies Until […]

Life often feels like little more Than a game of Russian Roulette Relief at every trigger pull Ending only in a hammer click Before you’re once again reminded There’s still a bullet loaded And each lucky escape Is one less empty chamber Between you And the final round   In response to the Word of […]

I like these days When it’s cloudy The skies are dark and grey And like a mother’s touch It brings me comfort Because at least I know In these moments It isn’t just me For whom the sun Refuses to shine   Belated response to the weekend’s Word of the Day prompts; cloudy and motherly

Let’s sing You and me Out of tune Out of key   Let’s dance You and I Out of step Out of time   Because I don’t care What others think As long as our hearts Beat in sync