Your voice Echoes In my chest   Your words Resonate In my heart   Your kiss Lingers On my lips   Your touch Still tingles On my skin   Your love Resides With me   You Live on In me   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: love (not based on real […]

I wrote you a letter It was full of questions I’m not even sure I want the answers to Perhaps I was trying To antagonise Maybe I was hoping It might open your eyes I guess I will never know why I wrote you that letter But I know you never read it And maybe […]

I do worry Sometimes That were I to rid myself Of my depression I would be cutting away A part of me   For surely these feelings Existed Inside of me from the beginning A disease, yes But invasive, no   Is it right to kill A native species Even when it longs to destroy […]

She said she’d be my Queen That our hearts would be united For eternity That the bonds between us Were unbreakable That is was our destiny To be together, forever Emotionally Physically Sensually…   That was the moment I realised She was probably a bot Or was going to try and scam me   Response […]

The odds may never be Weighted in my favour But that just gives victory A sweetness to be savoured I may be the underdog But I don’t pay attention to the odds   The poem that features in and lends its name to my third poetry collection, Underdog, due out 20th September! (yes I do […]

I’m running a giveaway on Twitter! I’m at 647 followers, which is 639 more than days until my third poetry collection Underdog is available on Amazon! And 6 + 3 + 9 = 18 (20)18 is the year my 2nd collection, Day By Day, takes all its poems from. With this in mind, am giving […]

I chose unity Over discord I chose love Over hate I chose stability Over turmoil I chose hope Over fear And for this I was branded A Traitor   But if discord Hate Turmoil And fear Were the values For which you stood All along Then I was never One of you And to have […]

My youthful approach Has often drawn praise And ridicule too For my immature ways   Some people enjoy The young-eyed perspective While others will find it Somewhat defective   As though heavily lacking In real world experience When in truth it is more Of youthful resilience   Finding light in the darkness Instead of darkness […]

By zephyrs and waves We will get there Surfing the breeze I don’t know where But we will get there A place unknown Beyond our dreams But together We will get there Riding high On rising tides I swear We will get there Hand in hand A far off land I don’t know where But […]

Being popular Doesn’t make you a winner Fewer friends Doesn’t mean that you’ve lost Those are dangerous views to take A smaller, yet closer, circle Is more beneficial Than one that is too large and wide For you to stand in the middle And still touch the sides So be sure However big or small […]