When a man lies with another man Why does that make them wrong? And when a woman loves a woman Why do many wish to see them hung?   People say that opposites attract But equally so do the same Yet why are so many attacked Why are they made to feel ashamed?   How […]

The nights are dark But the days are darker still Bastards run amok Only looking to kill . Angry with those Who don’t share their creed Wanting to punish To make them bleed . Outraged by a lifestyle They believe to be wrong So they stab and they shoot And they set off bombs . […]

Roses ain’t red And violets ain’t blue Who says they are Ain’t got a clue   Some may be black While others are white And those which are pink Are no less right   And they’re so much more Than colours and shades They’ve a scent and shape That never fades   Their colour should never […]