You must have been delirious ‘Cus you can’t have been serious When you chose to vote For that wretched old scrote   “Too many Mexicans, So I’ll build a wall,” he said “And Muslims are evil, So I’ll ban them all,” he said “Abortion is wrong, So I’ll make it illegal,” he said   He never […]

You might have power But that doesn’t make you strong So you cower in your tower And rely on your pawns   Away from the battle You watch it all Safe in your castle While your soldiers fall   But when we break through You lay down and resign The least you should do Is […]

You think that you’re above us all Convinced that you will never fall But if you keep on doing as you please You’ll see this country brought to its knees   You think taking away our education Is going to aid our subjugation And depriving us of health and aid Will in turn cause our […]

To all those that made me this way Pushing me around every single day You’re the reason I stand my ground It’s because of you I won’t back down I’ll never be the one to first attack But push me and I’ll push right back Classmates, fake mates, the kids from the block Anyone who […]

You can push us down And chain us up Clap us in irons But we’ll never stop   Put us in prison Throw away the key Cut out our tongues Because you fail to see   Our message is clear It won’t go away And people will hear What we have to say   Because […]

The nights are dark But the days are darker still Bastards run amok Only looking to kill . Angry with those Who don’t share their creed Wanting to punish To make them bleed . Outraged by a lifestyle They believe to be wrong So they stab and they shoot And they set off bombs . […]

Roses ain’t red And violets ain’t blue Who says they are Ain’t got a clue   Some may be black While others are white And those which are pink Are no less right   And they’re so much more Than colours and shades They’ve a scent and shape That never fades   Their colour should never […]