Peel away the skin Tear the flesh aside And take a peek inside This fucked up world   Our society Is ravaged Irreparably Damaged By a cancer So savage Bloodthirsty And rabid   We writhe And we thresh In pain And distress Tattered skin Rotten flesh The putrid smell Of social progress   The endless [...]

Take Responsibility

Is there even one shred Of lingering sanity Dangling from the threads From which you hang your vanity 'Cause behind the hate you spread And your racist profanity Thousands lie dead Just like your sense of humanity   But like police brutality And racial inequality This preventable mortality Is to you a triviality And the [...]

Stand With Me

Reposting this because it seems highly appropriate for the way shit's going right now. A song I wrote a couple of years ago, inspired by this poem here.   [verse 1] Stand with me as the towers fall As all else tumbles we’ll still stand tall Watch with me as the whole world crumbles The [...]

To Those In Office

Such power Is not a gift To be used freely It comes With a price And it's for you To decide Who must pay it   Can you handle Such grave Responsibility?   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: gift


Hysteria sweeps Across the nation Driven by fear Of a new contagion Panic spreads Faster than the infection Fuelled by the media And its appetite for destruction Of humanity   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: country

Broadcast Live

I wish life Were a movie I'd yell cut We'd end the take Right here Have a break While my big mistake Is removed from the tape   I'd practice my lines And make damn sure I got them all Memorized And fresh in mind   But no such luck In real life When I [...]

Take Me Back

I want to find a place In this world Where I can feel at home I want to find a face That I can wear And feels like my own   I want to find my people All so different No-one feels like a clone I want to stand In a crowd Where I don't [...]


Death Draws them in The smell Of blood Calls them To feast Tear flesh From bone Gorging On every sinew Every fibre Leaving nothing For their family To mourn   Vultures The media I can't tell the difference Anymore   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: vulture


More and more I see them The Gatekeepers Trying to keep the rest of us In line Proclaiming those Who break their rules Unwelcome In the #WritingCommunity (and #PoetryCommunity)   Why can't they just fuck off?