They call us rowdy Say we’re out of control Roughneck hooligans ‘Cause we’re raucous and wild But they can’t see Past society’s rules That we’re living free While they’re allĀ under control   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: rowdy

How lonely it must be Being a dragon   I could never grow old Hoarding my gold Sacrificing Family and friends For a wealth No man could ever spend   What good is there In that? To have so much That you want for nothing? But it seems the more you have The more you […]

Empty gazes Vacant smiles Painted faces On hollow shells Indoctrinated Made to pay Sick and jaded Gone astray All in the name Of entertainment Free will and thought Taken as payment   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: youth

Posing for a shoot for a magazine Clad in D&G and Gucci Sat atop a limousine Fingers dressed with diamond rings Such a vulgar display of wealth While trying to claim That behind the fame They’re “just like everyone else”   Just one of many reasons I want nothing to do with ‘celebrities’ and will […]

You treat yourself As my equal Yet try to place me Beneath you When you realise You are not And in doing so You fail to see How you only fall further In the eyes of those Who will be judging you When the time comes   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge […]

There are very few things In this world That I like So don’t take it personally If I dislike you It’s just my default setting   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: dislike

I take my coffee With a splash and milk And two sugars But when it’s made By others They often forget To sweeten it And instead Serve it bitter and foul I used to complain But now I let it slide Enduring the bitterness On my tongue Until eventually I can’t even taste it Oblivious […]

You know society is broken When people applaud Selfless acts Displays of tolerance Showing unconditional respect for all   Why do we applaud such moments? These should be the norm Not noteworthy events   Why are we not deriding The selfish The intolerant The disrespectful Instead of accepting such behaviour As par for society?   […]

Satire is dead Just look at the world; World leaders nothing But caricatures of themselves While society’s become A parody of the people Who somehow remain So blissfully unaware Of the self mockery No joke can do true justice To the incredible reality Now that satire is dead   In response to the Word of […]

No escape from the nonsense of this world Where every slip-up is a crime For which you’ll be held To account in an instant No chance for a trial No defence No such thing as forgiveness Payment always in blood Mob mentality rules We are fucked