Have you ever had an original thought Or do you simply regurgitate All you are told and taught Agreeing with the last person you heard The last story you read Are you really that suggestible Hopelessly susceptible You’re so damn pliable That anything is sellable You’re a marketer’s dream A spin doctor’s fantasy Making their […]

Unforgivable Unbelievable Unforgettable Unacceptable Dishonourable Disreputable Shameful and deplorable Your record is abysmal Your policies inexplicable Your actions are just plain criminal Yet you remain delusional That your position is tenable And re-election is still credible … I can’t think of anything more unbearable

Why the urgency? What’s the emergency? What’s so important That that it really cannot wait? That you can’t run the risk Of being thirty seconds late?   You choose to speed instead Can’t stop so run a red Drive the wrong way up a one-way road Because your need to be on time Outweighs any […]

Come one, come all And heed my call I’m here to share To show I care And deliver to you A manifesto A proclamation Of my intention To lead our nation From ruination I’ve seen your needs I’ve paid no heed But bullshit Is my specialist subject Along with vaguely worded promises Buzzwords I know […]

Calm one minute An inferno the next Swayed by a misquote With no clue of the context   It doesn’t take much For the masses to turn When they’re so out of touch And unwilling to learn   No checking the facts No searching for truth They blindly attack Without waiting for proof   Each […]

We share a common enemy We share a common goal So why do you choose to fight me Whilst our enemy takes control?   Division is our weakness Our tussling gives them strength We mustn’t let them beat us We cannot let them win   So let us form a new alliance Stand side by […]

Following a set of rules We’ve never even read Obeying instructions Drilled straight into our head From birth ’til death we take our place As circumstance dictates Made to make do with what Gets left upon our plates And those with more will always feast Whilst those with less must starve Unless they kneel and […]

You call it gloss I call it dross You call it news But that word’s misused It’s all gossip and hearsay Rumours from yesterday Fashion tips Beauty tricks Rules on surviving the high school cliques Who’s a stud? Who’s the dud? What’s the latest bad blood? Who got plastered? Had a make-up disaster? Who’s too […]

I would rather be a misfit Than just another plastic Factory-made and generic Synthetic doll   It’s better to be eccentric Than another systematic Emotionally static Robotic being   I’m a free spirit Not built to a schematic I’m an unapologetic And unique guy

Mass hysteria Has become the latest And one of the greatest Epidemics of our age Treachery and fakery Leaves everybody foaming and frothing at the mouth Eager to tear one another apart Leaving barely even scraps for the wolves to feed on Now everyone’s a dealer Peddling lies and hate At discount rates To anyone […]