Poems written through my teenage years, and then left in a draw to fade.

I wrote in my poem Creases that I keep some of my old poems in a drawer next to my bed. Here is one of them, written (I believe) around twelve years ago. It has only been lightly edited for posting, including giving it a new title. It was written very much as a song, […]

Another offering from my┬áBedside Draw. Probably written when I was sixteen or seventeen.   I’ve played things over in my mind And I see now that I’ve been blind I was struck dumb by your beauty I forgot to look inside   You plagued my thoughts for a week or two Ever since I caught […]

Another offering from my Bedside Draw. I’m not entirely sure when it was written. Individuality Plagues all those in society I pray for simplicity Can’t we all be the same?   Trapped in our own self pity All alone in these crowded cities There’s no sense of unity Can’t we all be the same?   […]

Another offering from my Bedside Draw. Written around eight or nine years ago. Somewhat inspired by an enemy, Martin Finnegan, from the BioShock video game, and also by my own state of mind at the time. THE ICEMAN No more emotion Feelings are frozen I’m the fucking Iceman And the Iceman cometh for you   […]