“Do you ever wonder what’s up there?” she asked me, looking up at the sky. I glanced up briefly, using my hand to shield my eyes from the sun’s glare. I shrugged and shook my head. “No, not really.” Her arm around my waist tightened a little. “Do you ever wonder about much, Mark?” I […]

I haven’t slept in six months. Five months, three weeks and four days. Roughly. I can’t be exact on the hours and minutes. I’m wide awake though. For the first couple of nights it wasn’t too bad. I’d stay up playing video games and watching crap movies. But I soon grew bored. I started going […]

“Have you ever felt so… alive?!” She stood on the very edge of the parapet, swaying gently. I looked at her, unimpressed. “Well, yeah,” I shrugged. “You know, when I was actually alive?” “Really?” She stood, hands on her hips, clearly not happy about my lack of enthusiasm. “I could’ve just killed you before. Maybe […]

“Oh, wow!” she panted. I grinned back at her, out of breath too. “I know, right.” “That was intense.” She was trying to get her breathing back to normal. “Well, you’re a great teacher.” “And you’re not a bad student, mister. And you did that special thing I asked you to try.” “I just wanted […]

I listen to the rain drumming on the ground outside, on the torn canvas shelter in which I hide. I listen to the howling of the wind as it rips through the forest, bending branches and trunks with ease. Pain shoots through me, as though every inch of my body is ablaze. I hear the […]

I wait on the hilltop overlooking the city. The night sky above me is cloudless; countless stars blinking, the moon emitting a soft, pale glow. The gentle breeze drops, the leaves on the trees cease their rustling, and only the distant sound of late night traffic disturbs the otherwise silent calm. I roll onto my […]