I did another thing

I did a thing. A 'submitting a poem for a contest' sort of thing. It's a 'humour' poem contest. I don't tend to write humourous poems. However, the one I submitted is amusing. Amusing enough to win a competition? Probably not. However, after looking at the winning entries from last year, humour has been sorely [...]

Competition Time

To celebrate the release of my latest poetry collection, 'Dissection,' how about a little competition? The prize: 1 copy of 'Dissection,' either Kindle or paperback. How to enter: simply go to amazon.com/dp/B08P7J6RKV (or your country's equivalent) and pay the entry fee. All entrants are 100% guaranteed to win!

Dissection: 01/01/21

2021 is just around the corner New year.New book.Same old "miserable negativity" (cheers, Gordon). https://videopress.com/v/r685ZEAI?preloadContent=metadata ‘Dissection’ is a poetry collection focusing on aspects of society one could perceive as diseased. Basically racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, misogyny, toxic masculinity, misandry and all other forms of hate and discrimination. Also covered are topics like climate change, [...]

Still alive

Still breathing. Just doing little else. Working from home (with the odd day in the office every 2-3 weeks). No words though. My creativity is struggling. I need normality in which I can find inspiration for shitty poems. But I'm still breathing. So there's that.  


In case anybody was wondering, I am still here. I'm just sitting very still, and very quietly. I am one of those having to work harder and faster due to the Covid-19 pandemic, because as an accountant I'm responsible for making sure clients are advised correctly on the many financial and economic measures being brought [...]


"Why?" you may well ask! I am asking myself the very same question. But whatever the reason, I have made some stuff on Redbubble. T-shirts, prints, coasters, things like that. All bearing my work in some form. I'll be adding designs as and when I create them, and I am open to ideas.  

Another book cover!

I spend a stupid amount of time creating book covers. Mostly they're for the stories I'm never going to finish (or even start in some cases) but sometimes they might actually get used. Like this one I did today. Poems For Our Esteemed Leaders (and other pricks) A series of poems addressed to our errant [...]