I have adapted some of my poems into full songs (verses, chorus, maybe a bridge) and written the accompanying music on Noteflight. All are written for two guitars (rhythm and lead), bass guitar and drums. I would LOVE to hear them performed by a real life band one day, so if you might be interested (or know somebody else who could be) in using any of these, please do get in touch.

Also check out my SoundCloud for instrumentals I’ve written.



A love-ish song, full of gambling references and clichés.4LCoJstC_400x400

Stand With Me

A plea to someone to stay by your side no matter what.4LCoJstC_400x400

Done With You

Written for a friend after they escaped from an abusive marriage.4LCoJstC_400x400


A song about finding that one person the same kind of crazy as you.4LCoJstC_400x400

Call Me A Dreamer

Another love song, longing after someone you know you’ll never have.4LCoJstC_400x400

Sand Storm

As the chorus makes clear, “this is not a love song.” Though it does sound like one.4LCoJstC_400x400

Society’s Rules

Break them, before they break you.4LCoJstC_400x400

Longing For The Rain

It’s all just a euphemism for sex/cunnilingus.