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day by day (cropped)
Day By Day – Ripples of Time

Paperback & Kindle
£9.99 / £4.99

“Every poem or piece of verse written by the author in 2018. Every frustration felt towards the political and social climate. Every sense of hopelessness and despair in journey of life. Every smile shared with friends. Every beat of the heart. Every up, down and deviation over 365 days.”

Paperback: £9.99
Kindle: £4.99 / £2.99 if you purchase the paperback
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Paperback & Kindle
£4.99 / £1.99

Free on Kindle Unlimited

“Love and loss, happiness and heartbreak, politics, society and more. Syndrome covers all topics in emotional, angry, hard-hitting, bullish and original poetry.”

“Rhythmic, rhyming cascades that build in intensity each time you read them – a bold collection full of passion, fire and emotion… 5 stars” – Amazon review