Countless Worlds

Awake in bed A thousand stories running through my head In worlds that exist only in my mind If I only had the time to explore Such adventure I would find And every possible tangent Every decision I could make Each road I could choose to take Spawns a new world Of infinite possibilities It… Continue reading Countless Worlds

Depression & Mental Health

Self Harm

Self harm Isn't just slit wrists Cuts on your arms Putting out cigarettes On your thighs   Self harm Is ignoring the storm Never seeking calm Letting the weight inside Pull you down It's papering the cracks Ignoring the fact That you've fallen down And you lack the strength To get back up On your… Continue reading Self Harm

Love, Life & Loss

Holding On For You

I am neither here nor gone But floating somewhere Between the two Listless Aimless On the fringes of emptiness Barely holding on If it were not for you I would have let go long ago Drifted away Yet I stay For as long as I have something Someone To hold onto So please don't ever… Continue reading Holding On For You

Politics, Society & Satire


Unforgivable Unbelievable Unforgettable Unacceptable Dishonourable Disreputable Shameful and deplorable Your record is abysmal Your policies inexplicable Your actions are just plain criminal Yet you remain delusional That your position is tenable And re-election is still credible ... I can't think of anything more unbearable