Just One More

Just one more And I thinkI’d better make itMy last Just one more But this night’sPassed me bySo fast Just one more There’s nowhereThat I needTo be Just one more And I’mIn such fineCompany Just one more Then I swearI’ll be doneFor the night Just one more AnotherWon’t hurt…Right? Just one more How many timesHave [...]

My Addiction

You're my sweet addiction Your love like a needle in my vein Relieving me of my craving Releasing me from all the pain . Baby, you're my heroin My crystal meth, my crack cocaine From the moment I let you in You took right over my brain . Now I can't give you up Not that [...]

What Is This

What is this that’s taking over Just like a disease That ain’t got no cure Your sweet seduction Leaving me fawning Wanting so much more Like never before   Overcome by your perfection Consumed by you Like an infection Leaving me needing Your affection Desperately longing Hopelessly wanting   You have taken control of me [...]