She does not walk upon the ground like mortals She floats above it, carried by wings we cannot see Hair flowing in her wake like the gentlest waves Eyes deep, magical and endless, like portals To another realm of angels like she Though I know she is one of a kind There are no others […]

You are my angel Heaven-sent To free me from my Hellish torment Without you I know I wouldn’t be here You cast out the shadow Took away my fear Before we met  I Was dead inside Now I’m resurrected You gave me new life   If you liked this, you should check out my book! Available […]

I was floating in the darkness, Drifting in my loneliness, Fading into nothingness, Then I met you.   Surrounded by devastation, Of my own creation, Trapped in isolation, Then I met you.   I was suffering rejection, Troubled by disaffection, Walking with no direction, Then I met you.   I was lost among the shadows, […]

Somewhere there lay a kingdom Lost many long years ago Small and unsuspecting, it Was swallowed by the shadows . Without the light of the sun The crops all withered and died And in the pitch black houses The people cowered, afraid . Against this evil terror The kingdom was powerless The soldiers could do […]