Ramblings: Art

I tend to be regarded as something of a heathen by arty people. I'm not a fan of popular art. I can appreciate the talent of the artist, but I don't derive any pleasure from looking at their drawings, paintings, sketches, etc.. When asked for my opinion, I will state, simply, "I don't like it." [...]


Carve your name on my heart I'll be your finest work of art A willing canvas for your muse What subject will you choose A shot of love where roses bloom Or a cold, dark, empty tomb Paint me, sculpt me, put me on display I'll be your canvas, your ball of clay Whichever scene [...]

Writing: It’s What I Do

“What do you do?” Now that's a question I've been hearing a lot lately. I've recently been using Meetup; a website/app designed for people to create groups in order to meet other people and make friends. So I've been attending some ‘meetups’ and meeting people. Now, I really dislike initiating small talk. I'm okay if [...]