I take my coffee With a splash and milk And two sugars But when it’s made By others They often forget To sweeten it And instead Serve it bitter and foul I used to complain But now I let it slide Enduring the bitterness On my tongue Until eventually I can’t even taste it Oblivious […]

No I’m not ordering an Americano I don’t want a capp-or-frappucino Don’t offer me a latte or a flat white Unless you’re spoiling for a fight If I ask for coffee, give me coffee Don’t try to question or correct me I mean, how hard can it be? To understand that coffee Means fucking COFFEE! […]

Hopeless and desolate Downcast, sullen, desperate When I feel this way That’s when I need you   Tired, jaded, weary Eyes bloodshot and bleary I don’t want to see the light of day All I want is you   Can’t function without you You’re all that gets me through Believe me when I say I […]

That painful moment Felt once, twice – maybe thrice Before the morning’s even done When you reach the bottom When there’s nothing left In your coffee cup   And then you forget Minutes pass by, you lift the mug It feels so light, you look down Not even a drop remains Emptiness greets your gaze Bringing […]