I take my coffee With a splash and milk And two sugars But when it’s made By others They often forget To sweeten it And instead Serve it bitter and foul I used to complain But now I let it slide Enduring the bitterness On my tongue Until eventually I can’t even taste it Oblivious […]

No I’m not ordering an Americano I don’t want a capp-or-frappucino Don’t offer me a latte or a flat white Unless you’re spoiling for a fight If I ask for coffee, give me coffee Don’t try to question or correct me I mean, how hard can it be? To understand that coffee Means fucking COFFEE! […]

Hopeless and desolate Downcast, sullen, desperate When I feel this way That’s when I need you   Tired, jaded, weary Eyes bloodshot and bleary I don’t want to see the light of day All I want is you   Can’t function without you You’re all that gets me through Believe me when I say I […]