Ramblings: Sink or Swim

I don't swim. I can swim, I just don't. Some people like to tell me that's bullshit. "How do you know you can swim, if you never go swimming?" "Just because you swam before, doesn't mean you still can." These people tend to be the kind that Eleven from Stranger Things would call 'mouth-breathers.' I [...]

Time To Go

You strut around and act so tough But we all know it's just a bluff You're weak, scared, out of your depth The mask you wear is your only strength Cocksure and arrogant But out of touch and ignorant You're a boaster and a bragger But there's no truth behind the swagger Full of bluster [...]

Diversity Breeds Unity

Take your bullshit plans for conformity Quit breeding hate and disharmony Stop trying to erase our identities There's no hope for your dreams of supremacy   Because it's through diversity And individuality That in this fractured society We truly can find unity   We might all think differently Have opposing views on deities Different shades [...]

It’s No Joke

Is it satire, is it mockery? A hoax or prank for comedy? Not a chance; it's reality And the way it feels like a parody Only adds to the tragedy   There's no need for a lampoon A caricature or cartoon No pasquinade, skit or charade No elaborate masquerade   'Cause it's no lie; it's [...]

Good Work, America

You must have been delirious ‘Cus you can’t have been serious When you chose to vote For that wretched old scrote   “Too many Mexicans, So I’ll build a wall,” he said “And Muslims are evil, So I’ll ban them all,” he said “Abortion is wrong, So I’ll make it illegal,” he said   He never [...]

My Addiction

You're my sweet addiction Your love like a needle in my vein Relieving me of my craving Releasing me from all the pain . Baby, you're my heroin My crystal meth, my crack cocaine From the moment I let you in You took right over my brain . Now I can't give you up Not that [...]

Be Wise

Beware, be wise To their veiled lies And see right through Their thin disguise . Be safe, be smart And don't get caught By the untruths That they concoct . Don't be naïve And don't believe The so-called facts And the webs they weave

I Am Yours

Mark me as your territory Get possessive over me Let everybody know the score Let everybody know I'm yours Get angry when they try to look Let them see they're out of luck Make it so they know for sure Make it clear that I am yours  


Roses ain't red And violets ain't blue Who says they are Ain't got a clue   Some may be black While others are white And those which are pink Are no less right   And they're so much more Than colours and shades They've a scent and shape That never fades   Their colour should never [...]