I don’t swim. I can swim, I just don’t. Some people like to tell me that’s bullshit. “How do you know you can swim, if you never go swimming?” “Just because you swam before, doesn’t mean you still can.” These people tend to be the kind that Eleven from Stranger Things would call ‘mouth-breathers.’ I […]

Toxic Just one kiss is all it takes I’m weakened My legs tremble, body shakes   Poisoned Your venom flowing through my veins Sadistic You take pleasure from my pain   Captive Trapped by love I can’t break free Addictive I love the way you’re killing me   Fading I can’t fight this, I can’t […]

People think I’m not from the city So I must be a bumpkin Only suited to the country Ploughing fields or raising cattle Sitting on porches and chewing tobacco And that I wouldn’t survive A night in the hustle Of the big city lights And the traffic and the bustle But they don’t realise I […]

I try to do the best I can But nothing goes the way I plan I toil away – but it’s in vain Time and time and time again At first I thought it just bad luck When my dreams became unstuck But now it happens far too much That I ruin everything I touch […]

I’m on my knees Begging for your mercy To set me free From the chains that bind me To you So free me Please Free my heart From these chains That bind me To you   You should check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or as a Kindle download

I’m under no illusion I suffer no delusion Life’s no fucking cakewalk at the best of times But I will not surrender I know it will get better No matter how tall the mountains I must climb   And though the path grows steeper The shit I wade through ever deeper I keep hoping the […]

I’m not here to entertain Nor am I intentionally profane To make you laugh is not my aim Cracking jokes is not my game But if I happen to raise a smile Then I’d say it was worth my while Sometimes I joke, at times I jest But provocation’s what I do best I want […]

You strut around and act so tough But we all know it’s just a bluff You’re weak, scared, out of your depth The mask you wear is your only strength Cocksure and arrogant But out of touch and ignorant You’re a boaster and a bragger But there’s no truth behind the swagger Full of bluster […]

There’s no cure for the sickness There’s no antidote or drug No way out of the darkness I’m out of time and out of luck Give up on me, do it please I can’t fight it anymore Let me give in to the disease Because I know there is no cure   Did you know […]