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Book giveaway!

I'm running a giveaway on Twitter! I'm at 647 followers, which is 639 more than days until my third poetry collection Underdog is available on Amazon! And 6 + 3 + 9 = 18 (20)18 is the year my 2nd collection, Day By Day, takes all its poems from. With this in mind, am giving… Continue reading Book giveaway!


Buy my book because it’s amazing!

I haven't plugged it for a while, but BUY MY BOOK! 395 poems written throughout 2018. Some of them aren't terrible. A few are pretty good. The rest are f#ck!ng awesome! >GET IT HERE<< Paperback or Kindle Available on Kindle Unlimited "...his choice of words...took me on a magical journey into this authors mind that… Continue reading Buy my book because it’s amazing!


I made a video for my book!

Apparently it's a thing people do, so I made a promotional video for my book. Yes, it's two months too late, but better late than never, right? I didn't spend too much time on it, and it's free (hence the watermark), and I have never made or edited a video before in my life, so… Continue reading I made a video for my book!


Promotion time!

Gotta keep plugging my book. Sorry peeps. This is what it looks like: Click >>here<< for a list of where you can buy it. Basically, it's every poem I wrote through 2018, in order. Not a 'poem-a-day' exercise, but not far off. From politics to passion, heartache to hangovers, friendship to family, music to meat-eating,… Continue reading Promotion time!


The Shifting Sands

via The Shifting Sands Reblog! Firstly for the Word of the Day Challenge, and this poem of the all-devouring Shifting Sands (which I believe may have been a metaphor for a part of the mind) based on probably one of my best Noteflight compositions, which you can listen to either below the poem itself (on its… Continue reading The Shifting Sands