I’m running a giveaway on Twitter! I’m at 647 followers, which is 639 more than days until my third poetry collection Underdog is available on Amazon! And 6 + 3 + 9 = 18 (20)18 is the year my 2nd collection, Day By Day, takes all its poems from. With this in mind, am giving […]

I haven’t plugged it for a while, but BUY MY BOOK! 395 poems written throughout 2018. Some of them aren’t terrible. A few are pretty good. The rest are f#ck!ng awesome! >GET IT HERE<< Paperback or Kindle Available on Kindle Unlimited “…his choice of words…took me on a magical journey into this authors mind that […]

Roguish, dashing, a winsome smile Verve, panache, a unique style Wit sharp like the keenest blade A mind that can’t be stopped nor stayed A way with words, full of flair Going where no-one else may dare Summoning smiles or drawing tears Funnelling thoughts and feelings fierce Channelling into vibrant verse Brazen, daring, vastly diverse […]

I might claim I write for my own enjoyment When in truth it’s a futile attempt To escape from mainstream employment Find a way out of this modern enslavement Pursue a career in written entertainment   But my writing just isn’t flamboyant enough The subject matter’s not buoyant enough The point I convey isn’t poignant […]

Apparently it’s a thing people do, so I made a promotional video for my book. Yes, it’s two months too late, but better late than never, right? I didn’t spend too much time on it, and it’s free (hence the watermark), and I have never made or edited a video before in my life, so […]

Gotta keep plugging my book. Sorry peeps. This is what it looks like: Click >>here<< for a list of where you can buy it. Basically, it’s every poem I wrote through 2018, in order. Not a ‘poem-a-day’ exercise, but not far off. From politics to passion, heartache to hangovers, friendship to family, music to meat-eating, […]

via The Shifting Sands Reblog! Firstly for the Word of the Day Challenge, and this poem of the all-devouring Shifting Sands (which I believe may have been a metaphor for a part of the mind) based on probably one of my best Noteflight compositions, which you can listen to either below the poem itself (on its […]

Society’s rules You just gotta accept That someone ushered in While the rest of us slept You gotta stand in line You gotta keep in step You gotta hold your tongue Keep your words in check You gotta play their game In everything you do But sometimes You gotta break the rules Before the rules […]

If it feels like I’m pushing you away That’s just my way Of begging you to stay   If it seems like I’m showing you the door I’m not telling you to leave I’m asking you to never go that way   If I act like I want to be alone Don’t leave me on […]