A frisson of excitement Frees me If only for a moment From the prison I too often Find myself inside Barely able to function Forced to suffer The pains of yesterday How did I ever get this way? No longer living I survive Having lost all zest for life A┬ácitizen of Darkness Since I was […]

I do worry Sometimes That were I to rid myself Of my depression I would be cutting away A part of me   For surely these feelings Existed Inside of me from the beginning A disease, yes But invasive, no   Is it right to kill A native species Even when it longs to destroy […]

I know I’ll never kill you My greatest enemy For the end of you Would mean the end of me So all I can do Is keep on beating you down However much my fists may bleed With those on my corner Making sure I never quit This endless fight Putting you on the ground […]

People think wellbeing Is about being well But it’s not I mean, look at me I’m not well I haven’t been for a long time I maybe never will But I’m in a good place Compared to where I’ve been I’ve found comfort and contentment To me that’s good wellbeing Even if it isn’t being […]

Night falls Bringing with it The stars Crashing down Leaving The whole world In shadow But day Will always follow night And as night falls Day is never far behind Tumbling after And breaking On the ground Shards of sunlight Piercing the veil Of darkness

Like a moth To the flame My unguarded mind Is drawn To the thoughts I know will serve Only to burn But I suffer The flame Enduring The burning For the biggest mistake I could make Would be to shy Away from the fire Away from the light And live a life In darkness Response […]

The void Calls my name Making promises Of freedom Peace Silence Trying to tempt me Into the darkness And there are times When it is hard to resist The sirens that live there Luring me With their melodious voices But I must resist If not for me Then for those Who can’t fight this on […]

It was meant to be my penance Self-imposed punishment But in time I grew to love the pain I inflicted on myself I became addicted To the torment inside Eating me alive I gave in To masochistic tendencies Allowing the disease To take over And infect my mind I gave it control Over my entire […]

I close my eyes Drift off to sleep Float away To a far away place Where the night never ends Yet the stars never shine Walking a path Lined with dule* trees Ropes hanging from long dead boughs And each tree named After a regret A failure A trauma from my past Every demon living […]

Fog Descends Blinding Deafening Yet comforting In its silence Suffocating But keeping me safe From the toxic atmosphere Of the world around me   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: fog