Look // Listen // Learn

As a vaccine needs A sample of the disease As a cure for poison Requires a taste of the venom You will never understand What life is like on the other side If you don't live it yourself See the world through their eyes Experience the ways They fill their days Or at least take [...]


Like weeds growing on both sides of the fence Roots burrowing deep through the dirt Strangling the flowers of truth and sense Spreading its lies through the earth And those who care for the gardens Become accustomed to the weeds Believe them flowers to which they tend And blindly spread their seeds No inkling or [...]

What Is This

What is this that’s taking over Just like a disease That ain’t got no cure Your sweet seduction Leaving me fawning Wanting so much more Like never before   Overcome by your perfection Consumed by you Like an infection Leaving me needing Your affection Desperately longing Hopelessly wanting   You have taken control of me [...]