I'm trapped within this nightmare Like prey caught in a snare And if I don't soon wake I fear what may be at stake Soon it will all be over The shadows are drawing closer Cold, faceless, adumbral Their ghostly fingers unfurl I open my mouth to scream But silence reigns in this dream Darkness [...]

Little Bird

Caged in No space to spread your wings No room to fly So you sit on your swing You dream of the sky And sing I know not the words But I know the tune It is one of sadness Of suffering Of a longing to be free To return to your forest To perch [...]

Where I Belong

I’m coming home to a place I’ve never been before To the arms of the one I’ve been searching for All these years of my life, though I never knew Until the day that I met you . I’m coming home to lips I’ve never kissed before But I know just one taste will leave [...]