Insomnia Caused by paranoia Convinced that if I fall asleep I may never wake up And in my state of sleeplessness My fear only worsens And when I do drift off Panic sets in And I'm jolted back to wakefulness Heartbeat racing Cold sweat forming I must stay awake So I can see it coming [...]


I'm trapped within this nightmare Like prey caught in a snare And if I don't soon wake I fear what may be at stake Soon it will all be over The shadows are drawing closer Cold, faceless, adumbral Their ghostly fingers unfurl I open my mouth to scream But silence reigns in this dream Darkness [...]

The Fear Inside Me

I can’t stop this worry, this fear, this dread It’s consuming me, inside my heart and head I can’t be with you to hold you tight I can’t take away your pain tonight . I need to know you’ll be okay Know that you won’t slip away I have to know that you won’t leave [...]