Beyond What Is Real

I wander Down corridors of shadow Through doorways made From the darkest dreams And wait in rooms Painted in the colours Of my nightmares   I wonder How long I have spent Lost within this labyrinth And how much longer Until I escape Until I wake And return To reality   But deep down I [...]


"Why?" you may well ask! I am asking myself the very same question. But whatever the reason, I have made some stuff on Redbubble. T-shirts, prints, coasters, things like that. All bearing my work in some form. I'll be adding designs as and when I create them, and I am open to ideas.  

The History of Matt

Throughout his school years, Matt was considered to be rather intelligent. Excelling at core subjects such as Maths, Science and English, and enjoying less success in things like Art and History. Despite this natural intelligence, he stumbled his way through his A-Levels (it's a UK thing?) and only just made it into university where he [...]


You are A one in four hundred trillion Possibility An almost impossible Pile of space dust   Riding On a giant rock Through the infinite That is our universe   Brought into existence Against all odds There is no-one And never will there ever be Another just like you   You are Absolutely And unequivocally [...]


I wish to write My own eulogy To tell the story Of my life As a¬†rhapsody Of mistold memories A jagged melody Born of reverie An elegy A parody With obscenity To remedy The tragedy That my passing Will inevitably be   Response to Word of the Day Challenge prompts: rhapsody & jagged

The Fortune Teller

One day at the Carnival I peeked inside the Fortune Teller's stall She sat head bowed Dressed in rags Hands resting on her crystal ball   Her whispered voice Cut through the haze And background noise   "Every future is known to me, Love,¬†death, your destiny. For just one dollar you too can see What [...]

Waiting For A Train

Standing on the platform Waiting for a train To take me far away from The endless pain   There's people all around me Yet here I stand alone Ready for my final journey From which I'm never coming home   A note sits by my bedside Waiting to be read Everything I tried to hide [...]