Close your ears to the ruckus Focus only on the susurrus Hushed whispers of those plotting The best way to control us   Watch for the distractions Don't be fooled by the attractions They dangle in our faces So we forget our dissatisfaction   Don't get caught off guard Be cautious of the hazards Don't [...]


Controlled and enslaved Like animals in a zoo Trapped in our cages There is little we can do   Our cages are not physical But real nonetheless Bars made not of metal But of race and wealth and class   They feed us lies and delusions To keep us all contained Freedom an illusion They [...]

Be Wise

Beware, be wise To their veiled lies And see right through Their thin disguise . Be safe, be smart And don't get caught By the untruths That they concoct . Don't be naïve And don't believe The so-called facts And the webs they weave