Gathering threads of truth Weaving them together Twisting facts To form a rope And tie the noose From which you plan To hang our freedom   Society is broken Honesty and integrity Have been taken to the gallows Friendship and love Marched to the block From which run rivulets Of the blood Of the values […]

Unforgivable Unbelievable Unforgettable Unacceptable Dishonourable Disreputable Shameful and deplorable Your record is abysmal Your policies inexplicable Your actions are just plain criminal Yet you remain delusional That your position is tenable And re-election is still credible … I can’t think of anything more unbearable

Come one, come all And heed my call I’m here to share To show I care And deliver to you A manifesto A proclamation Of my intention To lead our nation From ruination I’ve seen your needs I’ve paid no heed But bullshit Is my specialist subject Along with vaguely worded promises Buzzwords I know […]

It’s clear some people Will never be placated Their appetite for conflict Can never be stated To them peace and friendship Are well over rated So they exist in a bubble Of anger and hatred   Hurling insults and barbs In every direction Making enemies Of every faction They care not for stability But endless […]

Close your ears to the ruckus Focus only on the susurrus Hushed whispers of those plotting The best way to control us   Watch for the distractions Don’t be fooled by the attractions They dangle in our faces So we forget our dissatisfaction   Don’t get caught off guard Be cautious of the hazards Don’t […]

A party in turmoil Our government in disarray Too many egos expecting For all to go their way   But they’re not getting what they wanted So they throw a tantrum and quit Leaving the rest to struggle Neck deep and in the shit   Some people choose to praise them Claim they showed integrity […]

You’re notorious Not famous But you’re so oblivious People know Your name But not for the reasons you claim Your tales Of glory Or nothing but stories You’re a symbol Of hate And of our mistakes The biggest Regret We now strive to correct So relinquish Your throne Before you get overthrown

They turn our wallets Into bullets Fashion taxes into guns It’s a war We’re paying for But fighting to never happen   They arrest Those who protest And call it “national security” We’re branded traitors By our dictators When we question their authority   They raid our banks To build tanks While we get nothing […]

Hell just isn’t hot enough The flames burn far too cold There’s no place on or beyond this earth Where you can ever cleanse your soul Did you strike a deal with the devil Did you trade morality for gold The acts that you’ve committed So unforgivably cruel Your conscience irreversibly twisted You’re the absolute […]

They stab with blades We stand unafraid They come with guns We do not run Unfazed by bombs We carry on   The papers try to make us scared They cry “Be vigilant and prepared!” Make us question who we even trust Make us turn on one another Building walls between us Watching as our […]