Does it not sting? Your bladed tongue Flicking back and forth Between your lips Clicking and clacking As you spit bile In place of words   One day We can hope You will swallow your tongue And choke On the poisoned barbs With which you weave Such hate   Response to the Word of the […]

I take my coffee With a splash and milk And two sugars But when it’s made By others They often forget To sweeten it And instead Serve it bitter and foul I used to complain But now I let it slide Enduring the bitterness On my tongue Until eventually I can’t even taste it Oblivious […]

I’d like to dedicate All I create To those who taught me How to hate For they deserve To be observed As part of what helped Make me great   All their spite Taught me how to fight And be sure to never Prove them right The weights they stacked Nearly broke my back Nearly […]

Do you really not realise that this is all of your own making? Brought about by the stance that you insist on taking Do you honestly fail to see that you’re to blame for all the harm? That every word you utter is another call to arms   Rabid followers who know no better Seem […]

Another offering from my Bedside Draw. Written around eight or nine years ago. Somewhat inspired by an enemy, Martin Finnegan, from the BioShock video game, and also by my own state of mind at the time. THE ICEMAN No more emotion Feelings are frozen I’m the fucking Iceman And the Iceman cometh for you   […]

Controlled and enslaved Like animals in a zoo Trapped in our cages There is little we can do   Our cages are not physical But real nonetheless Bars made not of metal But of race and wealth and class   They feed us lies and delusions To keep us all contained Freedom an illusion They […]