Twin Hearts

Hurt too many times I tore my own heart out And threw it away So nobody else could play With it But you found it And nursed it Let it beat once more Giving me your own To fill the void in my chest And now our hearts beat As one Forever in unison   [...]


Out of nowhere you came Now nothing's the same You conquered my heart Now you own every part of me You rule over my brain And in my thoughts you reign Queen of my heart and soul Empress of my whole being


We are soulmates, me and you Made as one then ripped in two Brought to this life a world apart With half a soul and half a heart . We are soulmates, you and me To be one once more is our destiny We know we’ll get our chance one day It’s in the stars, [...]

Blood & Ink

Written here in blood and ink Your name will never fade And as long as I carry you with me I’ll be forever unafraid . Reminding me you’re always there That you will never leave It’ll stay with me for eternity I’ll wear it to the grave . Your name written here on my skin [...]


I'm not looking for my one and only But if I was, it would be you I'm not looking for a happily ever after But if I was, it would be with you I'm not looking to give away my heart But if I was, I'd give it to you I'm not ready for the [...]