A plea for proofreaders

G'day all. I've previously mentioned the plans for my second published collection of writings. Every poem from 2018 will be in there, in the order I wrote them. Obviously the writing is finished, and I believe the formatting is correct as well. Sadly though, I can't include artwork created by my friend. Even without images [...]

“Just Trying To Help”

Would you run into a burning building Bucket of water in hand And when reprimanded by the fire brigade Argue "I was just trying to help"   Would you waltz into an operating theatre Start cutting open a patient And when on the dock in court Argue "I was just trying to help"   Would [...]

Ramblings: Sink or Swim

I don't swim. I can swim, I just don't. Some people like to tell me that's bullshit. "How do you know you can swim, if you never go swimming?" "Just because you swam before, doesn't mean you still can." These people tend to be the kind that Eleven from Stranger Things would call 'mouth-breathers.' I [...]