Plastic Personalities

I see far too many trends Rooted in today's society Like the need to always take offence At every opportunity   Or how all debates descend Into chaos and hostility And remaining level-headed Is a long forgotten ability   Or the way people need approval To measure their own validity And live their lives in [...]

Diversity Breeds Unity

Take your bullshit plans for conformity Quit breeding hate and disharmony Stop trying to erase our identities There's no hope for your dreams of supremacy   Because it's through diversity And individuality That in this fractured society We truly can find unity   We might all think differently Have opposing views on deities Different shades [...]

Ramblings: Identity

What am I? Who am I?   My skin will tell you I’m white. My body reveals I’m a man. My passport says I’m British. My browsing history suggests I’m straight.   But that’s not what I am. It’s not who I am.   My job labels me an accountant. My writing hints I’m a [...]