Letting The Voices Out To Play

Sometimes I let the voices Come out to play Listen to what they have to say But if I'm not careful They get a little unruly And get me in trouble For which I have to pay   But I can't keep them locked up In my head all day Or they'll drive me insane [...]

Voices In My Head

"Are you listening?" the voices ask I ignore them Try to shut them out Hoping if I don't respond They'll leave me alone And I'll have peace at last But still they talk Ceaseless chatter, always there Am I listening? They don't care On and on these faceless voices drone I miss the silence I [...]


In a world so full of crazy You're the only one can save me Give me some semblance of sanity And a vague sense of clarity Because you're the only one The same crazy as me   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or [...]


Am I awake Or am I still sleeping Is this real Or am I dreaming Maybe I'm trapped In the space in-between There stands a mirror But who can that be Not my reflection Staring back at me It looks like me And walks like me And as I move It copies me But there's [...]