My Muse

My muse, my inspiration Is a restless soul Always on the move So nimble, so fast Never in the place I saw it last I spend so long trying to find it That by the time I do the moment's past   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: vagabond

Ramblings: Feeling inspired

I'm actually feeling properly inspired to write! This doesn't happen often. I mean, I'll write poems fairly regularly but I can churn those out pretty quick. It's the story writing I struggle with. But the one I'm writing now, Whispers, isn't boring me yet. I've published the first two mini chapters on here, and actually [...]

I Write

I write And I write And I write Nearly every day Often twice or thrice a day Anything and everything That enters my head I write   Inspiration comes and goes Like the tide Or the waves of an onslaught in a boxing ring Sometimes when it strikes It is little more than a glancing [...]