Life often feels like little more Than a game of Russian Roulette Relief at every trigger pull Ending only in a hammer click Before you’re once again reminded There’s still a bullet loaded And each lucky escape Is one less empty chamber Between you And the final round   In response to the Word of […]

Playing this game For what feels like forever But whatever I do I can’t beat this level   Stuck doing this quest For far too long I can’t seem to progress What am I doing wrong?   I need to unlock skills To start the next chapter But the only way to learn them Comes […]

There is so much I must still learn Things I need to know But no-one can teach me Because I cannot be taught I learn from experience Through sights and sounds Through action and emotion What is written in textbooks Will never be teachable to me I have to see it Hear it Do it […]

Know your worth Before looking to appease others Or allowing others To label you And stick a price On your forehead So that if they value you Less than you know your worth to be Then you will know That they are not worth your time  

I’ve spent at least 20 minutes wondering what to call this poem. Any suggestions?   I love and hate in equal measure I relish a challenge but I can’t stand the pressure I’ve come to despise the very nature of society But I’d sacrifice myself in a heartbeat for humanity I second guess my every […]

I can’t seem to make it out of second gear Crawling my way through yet another year I don’t know what of but I’m afraid And the overwhelming uncertainty and fear Keeps me from shifting gear I can’t get the clutch to engage I see the others in fast lane Passing me by And I […]

If this were a boxing match It would’ve been stopped long ago Every time I stand back up Life lands another blow   Bantam versus heavyweight I never stood a chance Every hook and uppercut Hits me like an avalanche   I try to keep my guard up Sometimes I land a jab or two […]

The best things in life Often happen by chance Whether by accident Or contrary to best laid plans   Penicillin, the microwave Play-Doh, superglue and LSD Pacemakers, post-it notes And, according to my parents, even me   So make plans if you need For holidays or wedding speeches But don’t miss the lesson That these […]

Tell me What do you see Your prophecy Of what will be What does the future Have in store Around the corner Behind the door Which once opened Cannot be closed Please tell me What I should choose As my next move Now you mean to tell me That you can’t see What lies in […]