I’ve had the wool Pulled over my eyes Been made a fool Believed the lies   I’ve fallen victim To deceit and betrayal When lacking the wisdom To see through false portrayal   And I have made Some rash decisions From faith misplaced Or wrong conclusions   But with every action And consequence A lesson […]

Another day Another week Another month The year stuck in fast-forward The pause button long since lost No slowing the passage of time Deadlines approach Deadlines pass In the blink of an eye Moments I set aside for myself Too fleeting Too fast Gone

I don’t swim. I can swim, I just don’t. Some people like to tell me that’s bullshit. “How do you know you can swim, if you never go swimming?” “Just because you swam before, doesn’t mean you still can.” These people tend to be the kind that Eleven from Stranger Things would call ‘mouth-breathers.’ I […]

In the end We’re all the same Flesh and blood And skin and bone It shouldn’t matter Our place of birth Colour of skin Which gods we trust   We all breathe The same air Bask beneath The same sun Wish upon The same stars   No matter who we are Our race or religion […]

Each day Is just another ripple of time Carrying us farther and farther From the epicenter Of our existences   Just as a stone is tossed into a lake We were brought into this world Through a moment of fancy Of adventure Of boredom Of over-excitement Or perhaps just mere curiosity   And now With […]

Do not assume That what you hear Is always real Or that what you see Is truly there   Do not presume You have all the answers Or that every question Has already been asked Of you   There is always more to see Always more to hear More to try and do If you […]

Don’t be premature In your celebrations Don’t be too presumptuous That you will be victorious Of all the many things History can claim to have taught us It’s that nothing is ever certain Until it’s over   Be always reticent Of fortunes not yet earned Remember how quickly The tables can turn And no matter […]

Life is the ultimate Pain in the ass When it comes to being an arsehole It comes top of the class   It has nothing left to learn There’s nothing it can be taught There’s no meaner prick than Life It’s the true master of the art   It’s a pureblood thoroughbred Raging ball of […]

You’ve always another trick Hidden up your sleeve Finding ways to break my faith Just when I start to believe   I thought things were working out And everything would be okay But you were just playing a game Dangling hope then taking it away   I’m tired of trying to second guess you You […]

Call me a cur If that’s what you think of me Or any other slur You think is fair ‘Cause I don’t care What it is you see Looking down on me   Call me a wretch A mongrel, a mutt A worthless scrub ‘Cause I don’t care What you think of me How you […]