Forever stumbling Through pitch black tunnels Searching for a light But there’s never an end in sight   Forever fumbling In the darkness before me Hoping for a door A ladder A handle A light Just an end to the nothingness But there’s never an end in sight   At times I fall Landing on […]

Am I present in the present Or was I passed by in the past And left behind Am I the one before the mirror Reflecting on the man I see Or am I the reflection looking back Mimicking the man I wish I could be Are my words even my own Or echoes of those […]

So long since I had clear direction I’ve been ambling aimlessly instead Wandering in circles Crossing over my own footprints The breadcrumb trail I thought I’d left Either stolen by birds Or washed away by the rain   I find myself at a familiar crossroads Choosing a new path each time Yet always coming back […]

Lost and alone In these treacherous lands Known only as The Shifting Sands   Many have entered Yet none survive Not even the ones Who make it out alive   For here in the dunes ‘Neath the unsetting sun There’s no footprints nor markers To guide your return   The Sands devour Each step that […]

Find me Beneath a setting sun And dying stars Mourning a future I hoped would be ours Seek me Under darkened skies Deafened by the sound Of the silence you left Remind me Why I had such dreams Wishing I could star in yours And maybe We’ll turn back the hands of time Turn sunset […]

Too much time spent living in the shadows Never feeling the sun on your skin Too long letting the darkness surround you Never letting daylight in . Do you see that the sun is worth feeling now Do you see Oh do you see Do you see that light was only ever healing Do you see Oh […]

I was floating in the darkness, Drifting in my loneliness, Fading into nothingness, Then I met you.   Surrounded by devastation, Of my own creation, Trapped in isolation, Then I met you.   I was suffering rejection, Troubled by disaffection, Walking with no direction, Then I met you.   I was lost among the shadows, […]