In Sync

Let's sing You and me Out of tune Out of key   Let's dance You and I Out of step Out of time   Because I don't care What others think As long as our hearts Beat in sync  

My Promise

I'll never turn my back on you Never walk away from you I will never abandon you We're family And I will be Right here next to you Helping you, supporting you Always looking out for you In everything I ever do Whatever this world puts you through We're family And always will be

Holding On For You

I am neither here nor gone But floating somewhere Between the two Listless Aimless On the fringes of emptiness Barely holding on If it were not for you I would have let go long ago Drifted away Yet I stay For as long as I have something Someone To hold onto So please don't ever [...]

The First Time

I will always remember The moment you walked through the door The very first time I saw you In the flesh... real A memory that will endure Even when the rest all fade away I will hold on to that moment And carry it with me Always

Contrasts Of Love

You are both the wind in my sail And my anchor Giving me the strength to cross the oceans before me Yet holding me still when storms try to drag me off course   You are both the calm And the hurricane Bringing peace and tranquillity to my world Yet providing the violent chaos reminding [...]

The Long Haul

No matter what you go through I'll be here to catch you when you fall I swear I'm never going to leave you 'Cause I swear, I'm in this for the long haul   I know it won't be the smoothest ride There will be times when the engine stalls But I will always be [...]


In a world so full of crazy You're the only one can save me Give me some semblance of sanity And a vague sense of clarity Because you're the only one The same crazy as me   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or [...]