Find Me

Find me Beneath a setting sun And dying stars Mourning a future I hoped would be ours Seek me Under darkened skies Deafened by the sound Of the silence you left Remind me Why I had such dreams Wishing I could star in yours And maybe We'll turn back the hands of time Turn sunset [...]


A moment with you Brings me sensory overload The smell of your perfume The beauty of your features The cadence of your voice The touch of your skin The taste of your lips I feel the energy between us Pressure building within me As your hold on me tightens The temperature rising As time loses [...]


My heart's In your hands Slave to Your demands One kiss And I'm yours Captive Forever more   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or as a Kindle download


The last piece in the puzzle The final chapter Now I can find every Single answer To questions I never even Knew I had asked The biggest mysteries Of life unmasked   Can our hopes and dreams come true? Can the seeds of love bear fruit? Is beauty a concept or can it be real? [...]

Twin Hearts

Hurt too many times I tore my own heart out And threw it away So nobody else could play With it But you found it And nursed it Let it beat once more Giving me your own To fill the void in my chest And now our hearts beat As one Forever in unison   [...]