Your voice Echoes In my chest   Your words Resonate In my heart   Your kiss Lingers On my lips   Your touch Still tingles On my skin   Your love Resides With me   You Live on In me   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: love (not based on real […]

By zephyrs and waves We will get there Surfing the breeze I don’t know where But we will get there A place unknown Beyond our dreams But together We will get there Riding high On rising tides I swear We will get there Hand in hand A far off land I don’t know where But […]

You tell me that You’re broken As though It’s a reason For me not to love you And simply walk away   But it’s never going to happen Like how I still drink my coffee Every morning from my favourite mug Despite the chipped rim And cracked handle Knowing that one day It will cut […]

It was a match made in Heaven But forged in the fires of Hell A love so perfect Never would it fail But a passion so fierce Its flames would consume All that it touches Without prejudice Without mercy Including the two Whose love it was Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: […]

I have been the victim Of many a temptress Falling for And believing The empty promises Whispered By the succubi That have sat On my shoulder Motivated By greed By envy By lust By rage And every time I have been Betrayed But you You inspire me To be the best that I know I […]

Let’s sing You and me Out of tune Out of key   Let’s dance You and I Out of step Out of time   Because I don’t care What others think As long as our hearts Beat in sync  

I delayed my reaction And paid for my inaction The time that I lost Came at the ultimate cost You took my hesitation To be an indication That I had no intentions That I felt no affection Towards you And that was when I truly understood With you there really are no second chances   Total […]

Love Should never be a burden A choking collar round your neck A crippling weight upon your shoulders Tripping you with every step It should be what gives you strength Keeps you always pressing on Whatever is in your way And makes you believe That anything is possible

People talk Of the flames of passion Liken desire To a fire And the heart to a pyre But that’s just the fashion For clichĂ©d metaphors Overused and underthought And so rarely true to reality But more appealing To the unthinking majority These feelings More often than not Leave us empty and cold Alone in […]