Call me a dreamer But I’ll never give up hope As long as there’s a glimmer I’m the one she’ll some day choose Call me a sinner But I’ll pray to any god Or make a deal with devil If it means I win her heart   I’d sell my soul I’d sell the world […]

All your cuts and all your scars Help define just who you are Don’t erase them, accept and embrace them ‘Cause you’re a god damn work of art   Unequaled and unrivaled Your beauty has no parallel On the outside, and in your heart You are a god damn work of art

Too much time spent living in the shadows Never feeling the sun on your skin Too long letting the darkness surround you Never letting daylight in . Do you see that the sun is worth feeling now Do you see Oh do you see Do you see that light was only ever healing Do you see Oh […]

Always fighting battles never ending But every day that I survive‘s another blessing Every challenge that I face is testing But never do I turn or run away Even when I feel like giving in And I wish I could tell my heart to just stop beating Just as long as I keep on believing I know […]