Night falls Bringing with it The stars Crashing down Leaving The whole world In shadow But day Will always follow night And as night falls Day is never far behind Tumbling after And breaking On the ground Shards of sunlight Piercing the veil Of darkness

Like a moth To the flame My unguarded mind Is drawn To the thoughts I know will serve Only to burn But I suffer The flame Enduring The burning For the biggest mistake I could make Would be to shy Away from the fire Away from the light And live a life In darkness Response […]

The void Calls my name Making promises Of freedom Peace Silence Trying to tempt me Into the darkness And there are times When it is hard to resist The sirens that live there Luring me With their melodious voices But I must resist If not for me Then for those Who can’t fight this on […]

It was meant to be my penance Self-imposed punishment But in time I grew to love the pain I inflicted on myself I became addicted To the torment inside Eating me alive I gave in To masochistic tendencies Allowing the disease To take over And infect my mind I gave it control Over my entire […]

I close my eyes Drift off to sleep Float away To a far away place Where the night never ends Yet the stars never shine Walking a path Lined with dule* trees Ropes hanging from long dead boughs And each tree named After a regret A failure A trauma from my past Every demon living […]

I don’t want to be looked at Over the tops of glasses To the sound of a pen Scratching frantically on the pages Of a notebook My words analysed and scrutinised But the way that I say them All but ignored   I want to be listened to Not just the words that I speak […]

One of the many keys To my survival is finding The often elusive upside And each cloud’s silver lining   Always searching For a positive to take From every disaster From all my mistakes   And every lesson I learn Is a chance to grow It’s a victory to me No matter how hollow   […]

There is so much I must still learn Things I need to know But no-one can teach me Because I cannot be taught I learn from experience Through sights and sounds Through action and emotion What is written in textbooks Will never be teachable to me I have to see it Hear it Do it […]

I’m digging deep For the memories That I buried Long ago Searching hard For the answers To the questions That I ask Of the world Of myself Of everything I think I know So that I Can satisfy My need to fully Understand The reasons why I cry

I’ve neglected myself Not cared for my health Focused on others But now as I suffer They turn their backs Unable to look As I kneel Head on the block And the headsman, Depression, RaisesĀ his axe