You treat yourself As my equal Yet try to place me Beneath you When you realise You are not And in doing so You fail to see How you only fall further In the eyes of those Who will be judging you When the time comes   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge […]

I have been the victim Of many a temptress Falling for And believing The empty promises Whispered By the succubi That have sat On my shoulder Motivated By greed By envy By lust By rage And every time I have been Betrayed But you You inspire me To be the best that I know I […]

There are very few things In this world That I like So don’t take it personally If I dislike you It’s just my default setting   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: dislike

I take my coffee With a splash and milk And two sugars But when it’s made By others They often forget To sweeten it And instead Serve it bitter and foul I used to complain But now I let it slide Enduring the bitterness On my tongue Until eventually I can’t even taste it Oblivious […]

I love exploring pubic places There’s always something new to experience Different sights and smells Often influenced by cultures Some are old and steeped in history Others young and vibrant Some well visited Others hidden treasures Enjoyed only by a fortunate few And while some are well looked after There as just as many Left […]

It was meant to be my penance Self-imposed punishment But in time I grew to love the pain I inflicted on myself I became addicted To the torment inside Eating me alive I gave in To masochistic tendencies Allowing the disease To take over And infect my mind I gave it control Over my entire […]

I close my eyes Drift off to sleep Float away To a far away place Where the night never ends Yet the stars never shine Walking a path Lined with dule* trees Ropes hanging from long dead boughs And each tree named After a regret A failure A trauma from my past Every demon living […]

I envy those With the talent and the knack To write stories And see them through To the end I try To swim those waters But I tend just to paddle In the shallows Testing the waters Getting no deeper than my ankles Before heading back to shore And on the rare occasion I make […]

You know society is broken When people applaud Selfless acts Displays of tolerance Showing unconditional respect for all   Why do we applaud such moments? These should be the norm Not noteworthy events   Why are we not deriding The selfish The intolerant The disrespectful Instead of accepting such behaviour As par for society?   […]

I see you Laying there Upon your back Bare My mouth waters At the sight Of your body Waiting for me To taste you   My eyes move up Your legs to your thighs – How I long To grasp them tight As I feast upon you – To your breasts So plump So tender […]