It’s hard to show humility When you know that you’re the best It’s such a fight to keep the vanity And arrogance repressed Faking all this modesty Is by far my biggest test When I know quite honestly I’m so far beyond the rest   I’m not arrogant, I promise thee Nor am I self-obsessed […]

I’ve been bitten Now I’m stricken And I’m ridden with greed All I want Is forbidden But I can’t shake the need   Unbidden This condition Took a hold without permission Now I’m driven By addiction And I’m losing inhibition   I can’t function In this prison Built from urges and obsession But I can’t […]

Deep in the darkest forest Amidst the weather-worn trees Gnarled branches intertwined Blocking out the light There lies a cabin Small and tired-looking Lonely   But through the cobwebbed windows And crack beneath the door A soft glow emanates For a fire burns in that cabin Providing comfort, warmth and light Refuge and respite A […]

Is there any better friend out there Than our faithful teddy bear? By our side through thick and thin Always ready to be hugged To soak up the tears To be dragged through the mud To be the patient to our doctor A mortally wounded soldier Our partner in crime Our therapist in trying times […]

Self harm Isn’t just slit wrists Cuts on your arms Putting out cigarettes On your thighs   Self harm Is ignoring the storm Never seeking calm Letting the weight inside Pull you down It’s papering the cracks Ignoring the fact That you’ve fallen down And you lack the strength To get back up On your […]

This is the wake-up call That I’ve been waiting for A kick up the backside To start assessing What needs addressing And face the problems I should’ve been solving Don’t worry – I’m not changing I’m staying true to myself Just evolving Upgrading the software Keeping the system the same I’ll still be me Just […]

There is so much I want to admire About you But it’s not just about All the things that you do But your motives, too And the reasons you give I know not to be true So it is my view That your selfish ways And dishonest displays Will always outweigh All the supposed good […]

It seems to me To be a lazy Sunday Everybody Wants to stay In bed ’til half past three We’ve got a thousand things to do But impetus has gone astray Nothing’s getting done today We tell ourselves “Just ten more minutes” As the clock ticks on And the hours pass And the before we […]

I don’t know how you do it Keep turning out such varied verse While everything I write I’ve wrote countless times before And try as I might I can’t come up with something new I can’t help but feel inferior When your posts come into view How do you do it? Find such unique perspectives […]

With my inspiration currently far from its zenith, I should probably be more proactive in getting people to buy my book. So here goes… Please buy my book. Pretty please, with all the cherries in the world on top. 🙂 I’m not looking for it to become a bestseller. I know it won’t. I’ll never […]