Like a moth To the flame My unguarded mind Is drawn To the thoughts I know will serve Only to burn But I suffer The flame Enduring The burning For the biggest mistake I could make Would be to shy Away from the fire Away from the light And live a life In darkness Response […]

I have been advised That to sell more books I need to get more engagements On social media   But Whenever I send Marriage proposals Over Facebook Twitter And Instagram I just end up Getting blocked   Online marketing is hard Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: propose

The void Calls my name Making promises Of freedom Peace Silence Trying to tempt me Into the darkness And there are times When it is hard to resist The sirens that live there Luring me With their melodious voices But I must resist If not for me Then for those Who can’t fight this on […]

Posing for a shoot for a magazine Clad in D&G and Gucci Sat atop a limousine Fingers dressed with diamond rings Such a vulgar display of wealth While trying to claim That behind the fame They’re “just like everyone else”   Just one of many reasons I want nothing to do with ‘celebrities’ and will […]

I Shy Away From the sun Because the me People see In the harsh light of day Is no more Than a distorted view Of reality Like a prism I split the light Refracting But reflecting Only the colours That this world And its people Choose to see Because no-one Wants to see Another’s full […]

Our dreams Are the children Of our hearts And our minds So let them run wild And play Allow them To experience What the world has to offer Let them fall And fail And feel pain For they will learn And they will grow Nourished by experience And one day They will succeed They will […]

You treat yourself As my equal Yet try to place me Beneath you When you realise You are not And in doing so You fail to see How you only fall further In the eyes of those Who will be judging you When the time comes   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge […]

I have been the victim Of many a temptress Falling for And believing The empty promises Whispered By the succubi That have sat On my shoulder Motivated By greed By envy By lust By rage And every time I have been Betrayed But you You inspire me To be the best that I know I […]