No escape from the nonsense of this world Where every slip-up is a crime For which you’ll be held To account in an instant No chance for a trial No defence No such thing as forgiveness Payment always in blood Mob mentality rules We are fucked

Take a took around At society At humanity At all that’s happened in our history And ask yourself Are we really the pinnacle Of our species? And evolution in general? Or did we apex too early; Are we now in decline? Regressing, not progressing Leaving our achievements Far behind

When I’m not writing I’m thinking About what I should write   And when I’m not thinking About what I should write I’m thinking About other things Or even just thinking About thinking   And when I’m not thinking That tends to be when I write For when my brain stops That is when the […]

Zealots Weaponised lies Peddling hate over knowledge Grooming the mindless and ignorant Raising unthinking disciples Questioning nothing Xenophobic, bigoted Starting violent fires You just can’t extinguish   A successful alphabet poem! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z […]

You could be the richest Man or woman In the world But you will never afford me Because I don’t deal In money; Love and respect Loyalty and honesty Are the only currencies I will ever accept And if you can show enough To be able to buy me I’ll gladly be yours for free

No I’m not ordering an Americano I don’t want a capp-or-frappucino Don’t offer me a latte or a flat white Unless you’re spoiling for a fight If I ask for coffee, give me coffee Don’t try to question or correct me I mean, how hard can it be? To understand that coffee Means fucking COFFEE! […]

I delayed my reaction And paid for my inaction The time that I lost Came at the ultimate cost You took my hesitation To be an indication That I had no intentions That I felt no affection Towards you And that was when I truly understood With you there really are no second chances   Total […]

You might not be A beauty queen But that don’t mean You’re not beautiful I’ve seen behind Those lonely eyes And deep inside You’re beautiful   So don’t let no-one ever tell you that you’re ugly ‘Cus if they can’t see your beauty, then they’re blind Don’t let no-one ever say that you ain’t good […]