Death of a Rainbow

Once I watched A rainbow Die   Melt Away And fade into The sky   A child Back then It pained me To see   Now grown I have learnt This is how life Must be   Storms Will pass And so too The rain   But good times Like bad Can never Remain   [...]


It seems To have been All a big misunderstanding The WHO - We now know - Said "Suppress, suppress, suppress!" But the government misheard Thought the order was "Oppress, oppress, oppress!"   Regarding the appalling use of Federal Police against peaceful protesters by President Donald. J. Trump, Criminal-in-Chief


Peel away the skin Tear the flesh aside And take a peek inside This fucked up world   Our society Is ravaged Irreparably Damaged By a cancer So savage Bloodthirsty And rabid   We writhe And we thresh In pain And distress Tattered skin Rotten flesh The putrid smell Of social progress   The endless [...]

Take Responsibility

Is there even one shred Of lingering sanity Dangling from the threads From which you hang your vanity 'Cause behind the hate you spread And your racist profanity Thousands lie dead Just like your sense of humanity   But like police brutality And racial inequality This preventable mortality Is to you a triviality And the [...]

Waking Up On Mars

It feels like I'm waking up on Mars Silent Desolate Unfamiliar I am alone But free To explore To live Without rules Without boundaries Without judgement Just me And a barren endlessness I can call my own   I wrote this ages ago but never posted it. Didn't think it was good enough. But as [...]


As the world sleeps The virus creeps Silent Invisible Hungry Preying on the weak Sinking claws Into flesh And dragging them off To their eternal rest   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: quietus

Stand With Me

Reposting this because it seems highly appropriate for the way shit's going right now. A song I wrote a couple of years ago, inspired by this poem here.   [verse 1] Stand with me as the towers fall As all else tumbles we’ll still stand tall Watch with me as the whole world crumbles The [...]

To Those In Office

Such power Is not a gift To be used freely It comes With a price And it's for you To decide Who must pay it   Can you handle Such grave Responsibility?   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: gift