untitled – something about fate

Some call it karma While some call it fate Divine intervention - All terms that I hate We're not simply acting As a deity dictates Life is not just some ride That we cannot escape We're not stuck on a path From which we can't deviate Our lives are not set in stone The future… Continue reading untitled – something about fate



I'm feeling jittery Becoming rather fidgety Feet are getting twitchy My brain is kinda itchy Need to scratch it Or detach it I don't care Just make it stop   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: jittery Not sure if these jitters are caused by too much caffeine, or not enough.

Depression & Mental Health

untitled poem – something about anxiety

Excessive self analysing Serious misgivings Forever second guessing Every action, every word Confronted by Insurmountable walls of fear Blocking me Every way I turn But I don't even know What I am terrified of I have nothing to fear Nothing to lose No money, no fame Neither popular nor cool But still I am scared… Continue reading untitled poem – something about anxiety