Mark me as your territory Get possessive over me Let everybody know the score Let everybody know I’m yours Get angry when they try to look Let them see they’re out of luck Make it so they know for sure Make it clear that I am yours  

Roses ain’t red And violets ain’t blue Who says they are Ain’t got a clue   Some may be black While others are white And those which are pink Are no less right   And they’re so much more Than colours and shades They’ve a scent and shape That never fades   Their colour should never […]

Out of nowhere you came Now nothing’s the same You conquered my heart Now you own every part of me You rule over my brain And in my thoughts you reign Queen of my heart and soul Empress of my whole being

What is this that’s taking over Just like a disease That ain’t got no cure Your sweet seduction Leaving me fawning Wanting so much more Like never before   Overcome by your perfection Consumed by you Like an infection Leaving me needing Your affection Desperately longing Hopelessly wanting   You have taken control of me […]