What’s with today’s obsession With achieving physical perfection? Replacing all their little flaws Like surgery is some kinda cure   The ‘perfect’ nose, the ‘perfect’ lips The ‘perfect’ legs, the ‘perfect’ hips The ‘perfect’ ass and the ‘perfect’ tits   And they end up looking the same All so boring and plain Every little crease […]

Every move, every breath It’s instinctive No plan, no conscious thought Impulses tell me To keep breathing To keep running To keep fighting Can’t stop Can’t stop to think Gotta keep on trusting My instinct

Beware the state-run media And the lies they try to feed ya They will force compliance Or find ways to silence Those who stand in their way  . They’ll hide behind their lies Ban the truth and try to disguise Their bullshit as “alternative facts” Relentlessly attack and attack Those who stand in their way […]

Where do I live? The answer is simple:   In a world where so little makes sense Where reason and logic have no place Where answers are rarely in evidence Where what we believe is never the case . In a world that is so full of hate Where division Trumps unity And love’s a […]

I was floating in the darkness, Drifting in my loneliness, Fading into nothingness, Then I met you.   Surrounded by devastation, Of my own creation, Trapped in isolation, Then I met you.   I was suffering rejection, Troubled by disaffection, Walking with no direction, Then I met you.   I was lost among the shadows, […]

Calm waters A still surface Untouched Clean, pristine . Throw a rock A stone, pebble Break the surface Shatter perfection . See the ripples spread Reaching out The once still surface Now alive With anger, fury . It doesn’t take much That rock, that stone Will be felt all around On the far away shore Deep […]

I did everything you asked of me, Did it just as you asked it to be, Took no shortcuts, no corners cut, But still – you’re not happy. . I ask you, simply, “What’s wrong?” You say that I’ve known all along, That I ignore, what happened before, The reason why your smile is gone. […]

Take a look in the mirror now And tell me what you see; Is the person staring back at you The one you thought it would be? . You started out with a clear path But you got lost along the way; Drifting further from the righteous track With every passing day. . Your motives, […]