Peace and friendship Love and respect When did these become Such foreign concepts Helping others Selfless deeds Meeting everyone’s Basic needs A roof over their head A place to sleep Warm clothes And food to eat But now it’s money People care about Lining their pockets And filling their wallets Putting own wants Before others’ […]

Some days I feel invisible Or treated like an animal Like I don’t matter to anyone So I just say “fuck you all” I’m not going to be miserable I don’t need your help I’m invincible As long as I believe in myself   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! […]

Is it satire, is it mockery? A hoax or prank for comedy? Not a chance; it’s reality And the way it feels like a parody Only adds to the tragedy   There’s no need for a lampoon A caricature or cartoon No pasquinade, skit or charade No elaborate masquerade   ‘Cause it’s no lie; it’s […]