Feelings come And feelings go Much like the tides They ebb and flow There will be highs There will be lows Sometimes they fade Sometimes they grow But there’s one thing For sure I know I’ll always be In love with you  

Dear future self I hope you remember me And look back fondly Cherish the memories I made for you   Dear future self I hope you’re well Did I leave you in good health Provide you with wealth Material, spiritual or otherwise   Dear future self Where are you now? On the road I laid […]

Halfway through the year already Oh, how time flies Watching future turn to past Right before my eyes   Where did the first six months Of twenty-eighteen go When every day seemed to drag Every hour went so slow   This year is disappearing Flashing by me so fast I thought I could take things […]

I upset and I offend Both strangers and friends Because I don’t understand The societal trend To be someone else Never be yourself Applying a filter Between brain and mouth   But it means I never need vetting Because you know what you’re getting Unconsciously offensive Accidentally upsetting Divisive opinions But honest and open Some […]

Are you really so obtuse Or is it just a ruse A readymade excuse For when you fail While beneath the clown-like mask From behind your allies’ backs You scheme and plot your path Every detail So meticulously planned You hold the aces in your hand Ready for when you stand And lift the veil […]

You’re notorious Not famous But you’re so oblivious People know Your name But not for the reasons you claim Your tales Of glory Are nothing but stories You’re a symbol Of hate And of our mistakes The biggest Regret We now strive to correct So relinquish Your throne Before you get overthrown

It’s too damn hot I can’t stand the heat My brain is fried I’m tired and weak   I don’t think I can survive It’s like I’m being Roasted alive   Hot and airless Stuck inside But it’s no better When I step outside   People say Enjoy the sun But I don’t find This […]

I wish that sleep could really be so easy Lay down my head and let the dreams take me But it’s not like that Never has been, never will Because my mind has no intention Ever to be still Even at the closest it ever comes to rest It’s still fidgety at best There’s an […]

You act as though The right hand of God Rests upon your shoulder Lecturing those like me We sinners And blasphemers For our worship of false idols Partaking in obscene practices And immoral deeds Because your book proclaims them so   We are going to Hell Or so you tell us For our promiscuity Sexuality […]

Each day Is just another ripple of time Carrying us farther and farther From the epicenter Of our existences   Just as a stone is tossed into a lake We were brought into this world Through a moment of fancy Of adventure Of boredom Of over-excitement Or perhaps just mere curiosity   And now With […]