I Write

I write And I write And I write Nearly every day Often twice or thrice a day Anything and everything That enters my head I write   Inspiration comes and goes Like the tide Or the waves of an onslaught in a boxing ring Sometimes when it strikes It is little more than a glancing… Continue reading I Write

Depression & Mental Health, Love, Life & Loss

See The People

See the people And the masks they wear Hiding their pain from one another Lest anybody stare   See their painted smiles And porcelain expressions Under ever increasing pressure Weakened from exertion   See the cracks now forming And flakes of paint falling The scars they tried to hide Now coming into view   See… Continue reading See The People

Love, Life & Loss

Contrasts Of Love

You are both the wind in my sail And my anchor Giving me the strength to cross the oceans before me Yet holding me still when storms try to drag me off course   You are both the calm And the hurricane Bringing peace and tranquillity to my world Yet providing the violent chaos reminding… Continue reading Contrasts Of Love