There are very few things That I hate more Than wasted words   In a world where we are told Asked Warned Begged Pleaded with To not waste food So it can instead be used To feed the hungry To not waste money And instead use it To help the needy To not waste clothes […]

Come one, come all And heed my call I’m here to share To show I care And deliver to you A manifesto A proclamation Of my intention To lead our nation From ruination I’ve seen your needs I’ve paid no heed But bullshit Is my specialist subject Along with vaguely worded promises Buzzwords I know […]

I’m pained to admit It’s not what you say But how you say it That counts these days   The most blatant of lies If said with authority Is enough a disguise To fool the majority   People are blind Or at best just ignorant They’re always inclined To side with the arrogant   Because […]

Close your ears to the ruckus Focus only on the susurrus Hushed whispers of those plotting The best way to control us   Watch for the distractions Don’t be fooled by the attractions They dangle in our faces So we forget our dissatisfaction   Don’t get caught off guard Be cautious of the hazards Don’t […]

Are you really so obtuse Or is it just a ruse A readymade excuse For when you fail While beneath the clown-like mask From behind your allies’ backs You scheme and plot your path Every detail So meticulously planned You hold the aces in your hand Ready for when you stand And lift the veil […]

When your speeches are most notable For being utterly unintelligible And nothing more than nonsense And your self proclaimed intelligence Has no supporting evidence Maybe it’s time to just stop talking Before we’re forced to find A more permanent solution To your incessant squawking Because I’m not sure there’s an easy cure For your verbal […]

They turn our wallets Into bullets Fashion taxes into guns It’s a war We’re paying for But fighting to never happen   They arrest Those who protest And call it “national security” We’re branded traitors By our dictators When we question their authority   They raid our banks To build tanks While we get nothing […]

Seemingly talking for hours Yet saying nothing at all I heard every word you spoke But no meaning do I recall I can find no substance In any of your mutterings I can think of no instance There was a point to your utterings Little but garbled gibberish Seems to escape your lips Nothing but […]

Woeful incompetence Total lack of common sense Hopeless inefficiency Devoid of job proficiency No real-life experience No real-world intelligence Under-worked and overpaid Greedy, selfish waste of space Is that what’s required for the position Of the modern-day politician?   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively onĀ Amazon In paperback […]

They try to treat all our ills With prescription pills That catch in our throat Making us choke But still they convince us That swallow them we must And so we obey Taking our pills everyday Until we’re told the sickness Has finally left us Or upping our dosage If we’re still not cured But […]