Loose lips An uninhibited tongue No care For the damage done Encouraging Violence and hurt Lives lost To careless words And still You carry on Belligerent Fueling the hostility Feeding the toxicity Yet denying responsibility For the actions your words bring

Start with an element of truth An established fact they won’t dispute Provide some visual evidence For the doubters in the audience Speak with little bit of confidence And you can convince Anyone who listens Make them believe Any lie you can conceive   That is what’s being done to you You know it’s true […]

There are very few things That I hate more Than wasted words   In a world where we are told Asked Warned Begged Pleaded with To not waste food So it can instead be used To feed the hungry To not waste money And instead use it To help the needy To not waste clothes […]

Come one, come all And heed my call I’m here to share To show I care And deliver to you A manifesto A proclamation Of my intention To lead our nation From ruination I’ve seen your needs I’ve paid no heed But bullshit Is my specialist subject Along with vaguely worded promises Buzzwords I know […]

I’m pained to admit It’s not what you say But how you say it That counts these days   The most blatant of lies If said with authority Is enough a disguise To fool the majority   People are blind Or at best just ignorant They’re always inclined To side with the arrogant   Because […]

Close your ears to the ruckus Focus only on the susurrus Hushed whispers of those plotting The best way to control us   Watch for the distractions Don’t be fooled by the attractions They dangle in our faces So we forget our dissatisfaction   Don’t get caught off guard Be cautious of the hazards Don’t […]

A party in turmoil Our government in disarray Too many egos expecting For all to go their way   But they’re not getting what they wanted So they throw a tantrum and quit Leaving the rest to struggle Neck deep and in the shit   Some people choose to praise them Claim they showed integrity […]

Are you really so obtuse Or is it just a ruse A readymade excuse For when you fail While beneath the clown-like mask From behind your allies’ backs You scheme and plot your path Every detail So meticulously planned You hold the aces in your hand Ready for when you stand And lift the veil […]

We call them out for lying Falsifying facts Operating fraudulently They blame it On a slight miscommunication Some possible misinformation An error of judgement A minor oversight   And each one To them may be irrelevant But they soon add up Until we’re trillions of pounds in debt Too hungry to work Too poor to […]

Our lives are not commodities For you to trade or barter with We’re not a fucking currency To spend on your frivolities You’ve spent your life inside a bubble Breathing the recycled air of self importance Oblivious to the poisoned fumes outside Blind to everyone else’s troubles Deaf to all our words So we’re replacing […]