You think you are righteous Benevolent and pious Saintlike, holy, virtuous Heavenly and sinless You think that you’re an angel So reverent and graceful Yet you’re nothing but disdainful Vile and cruel and hateful So quit acting so divine Stop pretending to be blind To all the fucking signs That it’s long past the time […]

You think that you’re above us all Convinced that you will never fall But if you keep on doing as you please You’ll see this country brought to its knees   You think taking away our education Is going to aid our subjugation And depriving us of health and aid Will in turn cause our […]

Where do I live? The answer is simple:   In a world where so little makes sense Where reason and logic have no place Where answers are rarely in evidence Where what we believe is never the case . In a world that is so full of hate Where division Trumps unity And love’s a […]