I made a video for my book!

Apparently it's a thing people do, so I made a promotional video for my book. Yes, it's two months too late, but better late than never, right? I didn't spend too much time on it, and it's free (hence the watermark), and I have never made or edited a video before in my life, so… Continue reading I made a video for my book!


The Shifting Sands

via The Shifting Sands Reblog! Firstly for the Word of the Day Challenge, and this poem of the all-devouring Shifting Sands (which I believe may have been a metaphor for a part of the mind) based on probably one of my best Noteflight compositions, which you can listen to either below the poem itself (on its… Continue reading The Shifting Sands


Sorry to bother you, but…

I'm probably going to get quite annoying soon. Or more annoying if you already find me so. In order to receive more royalties for my book sales on Amazon I had to register for Self Assessment with HMRC. If you know about UK tax then you'll know what that means, if you don't know then… Continue reading Sorry to bother you, but…


Day By Day – Ripples Of Time

One of the things I have been working towards this year is my second published work. It consist, rather simply, of all poetry and verse I write throughout 2018. I haven't set myself any kind of challenge to write every day, so this won't be one of those poem a day things. But it should offer… Continue reading Day By Day – Ripples Of Time


Author Interview – Matt Seeley – “Syndrome” (Contemporary Poetry)

Hey peoples! I really think you should have a look at the interview I did with David Ellis over at toofulltowrite! I talk about my recent book, Syndrome, my inspirations and future plans. Have a read of the interview in full here, then maybe head on over to Amazon to pick up a copy of… Continue reading Author Interview – Matt Seeley – “Syndrome” (Contemporary Poetry)