Some questions. And answers.

Questions without answers are frustrating. Answers without questions are... well, I'm not sure what they are. Random statements, I guess. Anyway, I was nominated for one of the various awards here on WordPress, which I declined for reasons you can read (if interested) here. I decided though to partake a little and answer the questions [...]


I asked not too long ago for people to contribute to a Question & Answer thing. Thank you everybody who offered up interesting and probing questions for my little Q&A. And thank you to those who offered terrible or inane questions as well. I won't embarrass anybody by telling you all who asked what. Why [...]

Check out these tits! (SFW)

Now that I've grabbed your attention... I NEED HELP! Specifically, YOUR help! Yes, you. Reading this right now. Whoever you are. It was suggested to me by a friend to do a Q&A thing, as a means of "engaging with my audience." So I figured I would at least give it a go, and maybe [...]