Twelve more months, done A year of progression Regression Realised ambitions New obsessions Countless questions The breaking of traditions   New friends Good friends And saying goodbye to bad friends Bridges burned Lessons learned Though much I still don’t comprehend   So tonight, I write I think (and drink) Seek out the answers I’ve yet […]

Questions without answers are frustrating. Answers without questions are… well, I’m not sure what they are. Random statements, I guess. Anyway, I was nominated for one of the various awards here on WordPress, which I declined for reasons you can read (if interested) here. I decided though to partake a little and answer the questions […]

There is a door At the back of my mind Lost in the shadows Behind the boxes of memories Packed away and left untouched For longer than I dare remember Too far back and too well hidden To be reached by the light   There is a door Locked shut and sealed tight Kept out […]

Frantically searching for answers To questions not yet asked Waiting for a bite on the line I haven’t even yet cast Urgently grasping for minutes But time moves way too fast Trying to look to the future But always held back by the past   If you liked this, you should totally check out my […]

I asked not too long ago for people to contribute to a Question & Answer thing. Thank you everybody who offered up interesting and probing questions for my little Q&A. And thank you to those who offered terrible or inane questions as well. I won’t embarrass anybody by telling you all who asked what. Why […]

The last piece in the puzzle The final chapter Now I can find every Single answer To questions I never even Knew I had asked The biggest mysteries Of life unmasked   Can our hopes and dreams come true? Can the seeds of love bear fruit? Is beauty a concept or can it be real? […]

Is it odd that I must ask a question, Each time I see my own reflection? I look in the mirror, who will I see? Which face will be there, staring back at me? . The one with the warm and friendly smile? Or the one spitting words of hate and bile? Or the stern, […]