Don’t talk to me of rectitude Such a construct can’t exist Who’s to say what’s in the rules; How our lives should all be lived?   It’s our personal decision What’s wrong and what is right No stonewall indiscretion It’s not written in black and white   It’s not for you to judge me Force […]

I’ve always been disruptive Ever since I was at school People saw me as a rebel A jester or a fool But I had no ill intention I wasn’t trying to be cool I was just stuck playing a game To which I didn’t like the rules   I’ve never seen the world The way […]

I have One rule You can hit me You can kick me You can trip me Even spit on me You can cut me You can bruise me You can misuse Or abuse me And I will try To forgive you All you have to do Is admit to your wrongs And apologise   But […]